Triumph Over Tragedy: Bryson Lane back on the court following fire

Chapin Jewell
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Bryson Lane returned to the court Thursday night just two nights after fire destroyed the family home. Lane's inspired performance saw the talented senior lead the Falcons with 15 points as Frankfort earned their first win.

SHORT GAP - With the exception of death or some sort of serious, debilitating injury, few things are as tragic for a person or family to experience than the total loss of a home and its contents to fire.

That was exactly the situation facing Frankfort senior Bryson Lane and his family when he took to the court Thursday night, just two days removed from tragedy.

But Bryson has responded to the tragedy, both on the court and off, valiantly. Against Moorefield, back on the court doing what he loves, Lane couldn’t have had a better performance, leading the Falcons to their first win of the season with a team-high 15 points.

It was heartwarming to see such a strong response from a young man when the chips were truly down. Personally, for him and to those supporting him - and at this point, that’s a great many in the Frankfort community - it was a literal Phoenix rising from the ashes moment.

Sure, there’s more things important than scoring 15 points in a basketball game. Most important, of course, is the fight and confidence displayed by the young man when life threw him a giant curveball.

“It kind of seemed like everything I threw up was falling today. I felt like there was something helping me out there. It was definitely a nice feeling to have my shot going tonight with so many people here to support me,” Bryson explained.

According to Bryson, “It was just nice to go out there and play basketball and not worry about anything else that is going on. It was definitely nice to just get my mind off things.”

The night was special. Not just for Bryson’s individual performance, but just as important, for the fact that he and his teammates were able to celebrate their first victory of the season. It was a double impact.

“It felt like a big relief off our shoulders; we’ve been coming into practice every day striving to get that first win. A couple of us were really starting to get down, so it’s nice to get the win and be pumped up. Hopefully, we can continue this success later on,” Lane stated.

Famed television performer Mr. Fred Rogers of “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” had a famous quote that he said was instilled in him by his mother as a young child, and that was that in times of tragedy, we should “look to the helpers” for inspiration.

As they always do, the Frankfort community in particular has responded through donations and such for the family, and that response really is still in its infancy.

According to Bryson, “It’s just kind of crazy seeing everybody step up and help my family. You can really feel everybody’s love and support. We’ve had so many donations with food, hygiene items, clothes, so many clothes. Everybody is willing to lend a helping hand and it is amazing to see that.”

Then there’s Bryson’s faith: “God’s definitely helping us in this one.”

Triumph over tragedy. Surely the road ahead will be a challenge. But on this night,  Bryson Lane showed that there is indeed hope for the future, and a loving, supportive community to help.