The 100-Win Club: Sherman, Jones reflect on how they got where they are

Chapin Jewell
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Frankfort senior Kris Sherman has enjoyed a productive four-year career  as a Falcon wrestler and is now a member of the 100-win club.

SHORT GAP - On the wrestling mat, Frankfort seniors Kris Sherman and Iryll Jones have been hard at it for years. According to Sherman, he began his wrestling career as a wee lad in the second grade. For Jones, his journey into grappling began one year later in the third grade. As both have now joined the 100-win club at Frankfort High School, they reflect back on what got them here.

For Kris Sherman, his 100th win actually came on wrestling’s biggest stage in the Mountain State, at the state wrestling tournament in Huntington in the spring. For Iryll Jones, his 100th win was celebrated more recently during this regular season, a few short weeks ago.

Frankfort senior Iryll Jones, a four-year wrestler, is now a member of the 100-win club.

Of course every high school wrestler has a goal of advancing to the state wrestling tournament. When you get there, no doubt claiming the top step of the podium as a state champion is the ultimate prize. Both Sherman and Jones have advanced to the state wrestling tournament, and look to do so again this year.

Outside of state wrestling tournament appearances, the benchmark of individual success in high school wrestling circles is number of career wins, with 100 wins, much like scoring 1,000 points in a career in basketball, being the first big number everyone aspires to. It was no different for Jones and Sherman, consider it mission accomplished in that department.

Their parents are proud. Fans of Frankfort High School wrestling are proud. And most certainly, coaches Jason Armentrout and Dave Peer are proud of what Jones and Sherman have accomplished over their four-year careers.

It isn’t something that just happens. Wrestling, as much as any other sport, demands an incredible level of hard work and dedication. While individual wrestlers compete as part of a team and certainly can enjoy team successes, the reality is, out there on that mat, you can’t rely on anyone but yourself.

Frankfort wrestling coach Jason Armentrout has high praise for Sherman and Jones, citing their hard work, dedication and attitude as reasons for their success.

“I have really enjoyed watching both Kris and Iryll grow and improve year after year. They have both done a good job for the last two season as our team captains,” Armentrout stated.

According to Armentrout, “There's no harder worker than Kris Sherman. He is a workhorse for the team. He is a great kid and has been an excellent example for our underclassmen.”

“Iryll Jones has been so much fun to coach. Once he gets in his zone, he is a force. His A game came to fruition last season at the Regional Tournament,” Armentrout detailed.

The best part, both Jones and Sherman have the balance of their senior seasons left to compete. They aren’t done yet, with bigger goals still ahead.

“There are still great things to come from both of them. I am so glad that both of them were able to get their 100th career win,” Armentrout stated.

For both, the journey to 100 wins, their appearances in the state wrestling tournament, and anything else remaining to be accomplished, all began back in elementary school with the Frankfort Mat Club organization.

Interestingly enough, Sherman was a reluctant beginner. That reluctance eventually gave in to what has become a passion for the sport.

“I didn’t really want to do it, but my sister made me. But once I started to get into it, I started to really like it. What I enjoy most about it is the people you do it with. You get close to your teammates and even get to know the people you wrestle against,” Sherman detailed.

For Sherman, in addition to his 100th win, he rates qualifying for the state tournament as among his best wrestling memories.

“Making it to states as a junior was a real highlight. There were a lot of good wrestlers, it seems like every match is close,” Sherman detailed.

Jones entry into wrestling in elementary school was a bit different than Jones, he went into it more of a willing participant.

“I started wrestling in the third grade. I really just wanted to try something new, and I fell in love with it. What I enjoy the most about it is the competition aspect, that you really can’t rely on anyone else,” Jones detailed.

For Jones, in addition to his 100th win, he too rates qualifying for the state tournament and the path to getting there as his best wrestling memories.

“I’ve loved every bit of it, it’s been really fun. As for big memories, definitely placing 5th at regionals my first year as a freshman. Then in my junior year, I became the regional champion, and of course advanced to the state tournament.”

Both Jones and Sherman are quick to credit their coaches for the influence they’ve had along the way. Be it through motivation or by teaching new techniques, beginning at the Frankfort Mat Club and continuing on to Frankfort High School, good coaches and mentors like Troy Browning, Jake Hughes, Jeremiah and Jack Gerhard, Jason Armentrout and Dave Peer.

Then of course, both Jones and Sherman were intent on crediting their biggest supporters, their families, for being there every step of the way, beginning in elementary school and carrying through all the way to high school.

Sherman and Jones have accomplished a lot in their wrestling journey, count high among those accomplishments earning 100 wrestling wins. It’s not over yet, there’s still work to do and more importantly, more goals to meet.