Broadwater lifts Keyser in golf barn-burner

Chapin Jewell
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Sophomore Noah Broadwater was the low medalist with a score of 39 to lead Keyser to a first place finish at Polish Pines on Monday.

KEYSER - As far as close team finishes go, they don’t come any closer than the Keyser-Allegany-Southern 1-2-3 finish at Polish Pines on Monday.

On the strength of Noah Broadwater’s 39, giving him the low medalist prize, and a solid performance by his teammates, Keyser came out on top with a team score of 170.

Allegany finished second, just a stroke behind at 171. Southern finished third, just a stroke behind Allegany at 172. Frankfort finished fourth with a team score of 200, and Fort Hill and Mountain Ridge tied for fifth place, finishing with identical team scores of 243.

Individually, Noah Broadwater did lead the way with a 39. Allegany’s Darian Bauer and Southern’s Hank Lewis finished tied for second, each just one stroke behind Broadwater at 40. Keyser’s Drew Matlick and Evan Ack finished tied for fourth place, just one stroke behind the Maryland pair with a 41.

Southern’s Brady Canfield finished sixth place with a 42, Allegany’s Aidan Paulman and Southern’s Aerik LeBon finished tied for seventh with a 43. Allegany’s Griffin Madden and Jace Patton finished tied for ninth with a 44.

From a team perspective, Keyser coach Josh Blowe was excited not just for the Black and Gold’s win, but for the fact that after an absence of playing Maryland schools for two years, the return to local, but interstate play produced such a competitive match.

“Well, it’s the first time in two years that we’ve got to play these Maryland schools here at Polish Pines, and it was a very tight match, which is awesome, that’s what you want. You’re always looking for competition, and when you can find it locally it’s even better, instead of having to travel to Parkersburg or Wheeling,” Blowe explained.

According to Blowe, “It was great to have this really tight match here at the home course, there were three really good team scores. Every day in practice we’re looking for competition. We have it within our team, but it’s even better when it’s out here on the course against opponents.”

The Keyser win came from a total team effort, with Broadwater leading the way at 39, then four others shooting in the 40’s and only one in the 50’s.

“We had some guys that shot better than usual, and we had come guys that shot a little worse than usual, but it all worked out in the end,” Blowe explained.

“It was awesome to see Noah Broadwater finish as the low medalist. It’s good for his confidence, and he needed it after last week’s stretch. It was good for him to see that he can do it again, last year he did this a couple of times,” Blowe stated. “It was awesome to see him getting back on the right track, to get a little confidence going, and we’re going to need it if we want to get back to Wheeling again in October.

Broadwater’s top finish for Keyser (39) was followed by Drew Matlick and Evan Ack each shooting a 41, and Owen Sweitzer and Logan Jones shooting a 49, and Dylan Wilson a 54.

Allegany’s accumulated 171 points came from Darian Bauer with a 40, Aiden Paulman with a 43, and Griffin Madded and Jace Patton with a 44. Graison Koelker (55) and CJ Crawford (57) rounded out play for the Campers.

Southern’s accumulated 172 points came from Hank Lewis with a 40, Brady Canfield with a 42, Aerik LeBon with a 43 and Tucker Cosner with a 47. Gabe Alexander (52) and Brent Canfield (53) rounded out play for the Rams.

Frankfort’s accumulated 200 points came from Keegan Bennett shooting a 48, Chase McCoy just one stroke behind with a 49, Ashton Moorehead with a 51, and Bryson Lane with a 52. Kyle Shumaker finished with a 53 for the Falcons.

For Frankfort, the fourth place finish comes after a victory last week against Pendleton County in Franklin.

“We competed one on one with Pendleton down there, and Pendleton only had three players. Tee to green we played decently but the putting green down there were tough. They were multi-tiered greens with a lot of slopes, and on average we try to use two putts per hole, but down there, we probably averaged three and a half putts. Overall, we came out on top in that matchup,” Frankfort coach Wayne Rice explained.

According to Rice, “We’re trying to consistently play bogey golf, and bogey golf for them would be 180. So, we’re 20 strokes behind, but we played without one of our better players today. But, Chase McCoy is coming along, and so is Keegan Bennett. The other ones are just developing players but they’re gaining confidence as the season goes on.”

Fort Hill’s accumulated 243 points at Polish Pines came from Landon Sturtz with a 57, Max Newman with a 59, Quinn Cohen with a 62, and Jessalyn Bartlett with a 65. Camden Zapf finished with a 72 for the Sentinels.

Mountain Ridge’s accumulated 243 points at Polish Pines came from Conner Lyons with a 51, Cameron Shockey with a 56, Ellie Brewer with a 66, and Olivia Marchbank with a 70.

Frankfort was able to compete against local Maryland schools last week at Fore Sisters Golf Course in Rawlings. Now, both Frankfort and Keyser have had a chance to play against their traditional rivals from across the river. The competition, both in terms of the score and the spirit, have been good.