ON TOP: Frankfort girls, Keyser boys win Frankfort track meet

Chapin Jewell
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Keyser's Griffin Paugh completes the long jump for Keyser's winning boys' team.
Frankfort's Kelsey Smith clears the bar in the high jump for Frankfort's winning girls' team.

SHORT GAP - The Frankfort girls and Keyser boys came out on top in Frankfort’s first held track meet of the year on Tuesday in Short Gap.  In total, nine teams participated for the girls and eight teams for the boys. Both the Frankfort girls and Keyser boys took first place in dominating fashion.

In a field of nine teams, the Frankfort girls earned first place with a score of 123, with Union coming in second place with almost half as many points at 67. Petersburg was in third place with a score of 63, followed by Northern Garrett in fourth place with a 57. Keyser finished fifth with a 54, just two points ahead of Moorefield in sixth place with a 52. East Hardy finished seventh (47), Southern Garrett finished eighth (31), and Pendleton County ninth (12).

Top five finishes for Frankfort and Keyser on the girls’ side are as follows:

Frankfort: Halley Smith (2nd- 100 meters, 1st- 800 meters, 2nd- discus); Allison Young (4th- 200 meters); Abigayle Olenchick (4th- 400 meters); Addison Lease (3rd- 800 meters, 2nd- 1600 meters); Brooke Jacobs (4th- 1600, 3rd- 3200 meters); Aikaterina Burleson (5th- 3200 meters); Kaitlyn Knotts (4th- 100 meter hurdles); Payton Mandell (2nd- 300 meter hurdles); Haylee Hansrote (3rd- shot put); Kelsey Smith (5th- high jump).  

Frankfort: 2nd- 4 x 100 relay (Natalie Watson, Kaitlyn Knotts, Allyson Young, Abigayle Olenchick); 3rd- 4 x 200 (Natalie Watson, Allyson Young, Payton Mandell, Abigayle Olenchick); 1st- 4 x 400 (Abigayle Olenchick, Payton Mandell, Addison Lease, Halley Smith); 2nd- 4x 800 (Jillian Griffith, Brooke Jacobs, Aikaterina Burleson, Addison Lease); 2nd- 4 x 102.5 shuttle hurdles (Natalie Watson, Allison Young, Kaitlyn Knotts, Payton Mandell).  

Keyser: Gretchen Rice (5th- 200 meters); Scarlet Cameron (3rd- 1600 meters, 2nd- 3200 meters).

Keyser: 1st- 4 x 100 relay (Delta Wheeler, Ricki Ferrell, Gretchen Rice, Janiah Layton); 2nd- 4 x 200 relay (Ricki Ferrell, Gretchen Rice, Maddy Broadwater, Janiah Layton); 2nd- 4 x 400 (Maddy Broadwater, Janiah Layton, Gretchen Rice, Sierra Hester); 1st- 4 x 800 (Janiah Layton, Maddy Broadwater, Scarlet Cameron, Sierra Hester).

In a field of eight teams, the Keyser boys earned first place with a score of 192, far ahead of the second-place finisher East Hardy with an 82. Frankfort was in third place with a 63, Petersburg in fourth place with a 59, and Moorefield in fifth place with a 56. Northern Garrett was sixth (47), Pendleton County seventh (five) and Union eighth (2).

Top five finishes for Frankfort and Keyser on the boys’ side are as follows:

Keyser: Hunter VanPelt (1st- 100 meters, 2nd- long jump); Gavin Salesky (4th- 100 meters, 4th- 110 meter hurdles); Gabe Ryan (5th- 100 meters, 2nd- shot put, 3rd- discus); Noah Sprouse (1st- 200 meters, 1st- 400 meters); Zion Powell (3rd- 200 meters, 3rd- 110 meter hurdles); Drae Allen (4th- 200 meters, 3rd- shot put); Xavier Twyman (5th- 200 meters); Seth Earnest (2nd- 400 meters, 1st- 800 meters); Jack Stanislawczyk (4th- 400 meters); Harris Boggs (5th- 400 meters, 4th- high jump); Edan Parks (3rd- 800 meters); Trenton Denne (3rd- 1600 meters); Collin Salesky (5th- 110 meter hurdles, 3rd- 300 meter hurdles); Lonnie Pridemore (4th- 300 meter hurdles); Dimitri Shultz (1st- discus).

Keyser: 1st- 4 x 100 relay (Anthony Mele, Hunter VanPelt, Zion Powell, Drae Allen); 1st- 4 x 200 relay (Hunter VanPelt, Jack Stanislawczyk, Zion Powell, Drae Allen); 1st- 4 x 400 relay (Noah Sprouse, Jack Stanislawczyk, Harris Boggs, Seth Earnest); 1st- 4 x 800 relay (Seth Earnest, Trenton Denne, Edan Parks, Noah Sprouse).

Frankfort: Peyton Slider (2nd- 800 meters); Garrett Ferguson (1st- 1600 meters, 1st- 3200 meters); Anthony Sanders (2nd- 1600 meters); Xander Shoemake (3rd- 3200 meters); Steven Kent Niland (4th- 3200 meters); Christian Cimaglia (5th- 3200 meters).

Frankfort: 2nd- 4 x 800 relay (Xander Shoemaker, Christian Cimaglia, Steven Kent Niland, Peyton Slider).