Frankfort Tennis enjoying success

Chapin Jewell
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Frankfort's Sophie Lord is shown preparing to serve against Fairmont Senior on Saturday in Fairmont. Lord went 1-1 in both her singles and doubles matches on the day.

FAIRMONT - The boys’ and girls’ tennis teams of Frankfort High School traveled to East Marion Park in Fairmont Saturday to take on both East Fairmont and Fairmont Senior.  The Frankfort boys went 2-0 on the day, sweeping Fairmont Senior 7-0 and defeating East Fairmont 5-2.  The Frankfort girls split, edging East Fairmont 4-3 and losing to Fairmont Senior 4-3.

Prior to Saturday’s contest, the Frankfort girls traveled to Oakland to take on Southern Garrett.  The Lady Falcons fell to the host Lady Rams by a score of 4-1.  

Frankfort Boys’ Tennis

Frankfort 7, Fairmont Senior 0 (May 1)

Singles: Landon Moorehead (F) def. William Burns (FS) 8-3; Jake Clark (F) def. Nicky Keefaver (FS) 8-0; Kyle Shumaker (F) def. Robert Deskins (FS) 8-1; Carson Jewell (F) win by forfeit.

Doubles: Moorehead/Clark (F) def. Burns/Keefaver (FS) 8-2; Shumaker/Bryson Lane (F) win by forfeit; Jewell/Brittan Gough (F) win by forfeit.

Frankfort 5, East Fairmont 2 (May 1)

Singles: Eli Morris (EF) def. Landon Moorehead (F) 8-2; Jake Clark (F) def. Lukas Henline 8-5; Kyle Shumaker (F) def. Sebastian Heston (EF) 8-0; Carson Jewell (F) def. Spain Lindsey (EF) 8-0.

Doubles: Morris/Henline (EF) def. Moorehead/Clark (F) 8-5; Shumaker/Bryson Lane (F) Heston/Lindsey (EF) 8-1; Jewell/Brittan Gough (F) win by forfeit.

Frankfort Girls’ Tennis

Southern 4, Frankfort 1 (April 28)

Singles: Erin Clark (F) def. Gracie Cluster (S) 4-6, 6-1, 6-0; Raven Francillion (S) def. Mikenna Love (S) 6-0, 6-0.

Doubles: Emma Horner/Meghan Bittinger (S) def. Tiffany Sites/Sophie Lord (F) 6-4, 6-4; Alayna Weeks/Sophie Bishop (S) def. Emily Lark/Chloe Westfall (F) 6-0, 6-2; Brooke Rose/Caroline Argabrite (S) def. Arya McClung/Adella Kasecamp (F) 6-1, 6-1.

Frankfort 4, East Fairmont 3 (May 1)

Singles: Kaylee Kenney (EF) def. Erin Clark (F) 8-2; Tiffany Sites (F) def. Allison Grace (EF) 8-5; Sophie Lord (F) def. Zoe Boyles (EF) 8-5; Mikenna Love(F) def. Aaliyah Inman (EF) 8-6.

Doubles: Kenney/Grace (EF) def. Clark/Love 8-5; Boyles/Riley Church (EF) def. Sites/Lord (F) 9-7; Emily Lark/Chloe Westfall (F) def. Alison Singleton/Inman (EF) 8-3.

Fairmont Senior 4, Frankfort 3 (May 1)

Singles: Abby Tillema (FS) def. Erin Clark (F) 8-3; Tiffany Sites (F) def. Caitlyn Garrett (FS) 8-3; Clara Deskins (FS) def. Sophie Lord (F) 8-3; Mikenna Love (F) def. Amelia Tillema (FS) 8-5.

Doubles: Abby Tillema/Farrett (FS) def. Clark/Love (F) 8-4; Sites/Lord (F) def. Deskins/Amelia Tillema (FS) 8-3; Sydney King/Dina Shreves (FS) def. Emily Lark/Chloe Westfall (F) 8-4.