Perdew scores 1,000th point, says primary goal is the win

Chapin Jewell
Special to the News Tribune
Marie Perdew scored her 1,000th point in a game against Trinity Christian on Thursday.

If you’ve been following the box score and stats from this season’s Frankfort girls basketball games, you knew it was just a matter of time before a milestone was reached.  

With points per game averaging in the high 20s and crossing the 30-point mark with regularity, Marié Perdew, already a complete player, has distinguished herself this year as a prolific scorer.

Starting in both her freshman and sophomore seasons, Perdew, now a junior, has contributed significantly to the Lady Falcons’ success. This year, however, the talented multi-sport athlete has certainly been elevated to Frankfort’s leading scorer, a role she succeeds in game after game.  

On Thursday night, on the road in Morgantown and in a 68-53 victory over Trinity Christian, Perdew reached her 1,000th point with a free throw late in the contest. Marié needed 28 points entering the contest to reach 1,000, well within her wheelhouse, but a team win, and not that milestone, was her primary mission.

“Before the game I was told by a coach that I was close to it, but at the moment, no, I did not know when I hit the 1,000th point. I tried to not really focus on that because I just wanted to make sure that I did what it took for us to win and help the team. I wanted to make sure that I contributed, whether it was points or rebounding or steals. I knew that if I didn’t get it today that it would come to me,” Perdew stated.

Perdew hit the ground running at Frankfort her freshman season, contributing greatly in an Abby Beeman-led squad that found their way to Charleston. As a sophomore, on a talented but Beeman-less squad, Perdew moved from a strong member of the supporting cast into way more of a leadership role. This season, with again another talented cast of players, Perdew leads the way in point production consistently.

“I definitely continue to work harder every year to try and up my game. I think in the past years we’ve had other scorers on the team so that the scoring was sort of balanced throughout the lineup.  We still have good players, but I think we all have different strengths. This year, I have had to step up a little more in my scoring,” Perdew explained.

Marié most certainly is blessed with God-given talent, but it’s obvious when you watch her play that she works tirelessly at improving her game. She’s not scoring nearly 30 points per game “just because,” she’s scoring nearly 30 points per game because she works hard on the court to put herself into position to score, but also because of the flawless mechanics of her shot, something she works tirelessly at.

“It’s a lot of repetition. I spend four of five hours in the gym shooting, dribbling, and working on my moves. I watch a lot of film on NBA players that I like to watch, specifically of them shooting. My dad has helped me a lot, studying shots and stuff like that. It’s just really trying to make it muscle memory, trying to make it the same thing over and over again, and mastering my shot,” Perdew explained.

Despite the recognition that comes with an achievement like reaching the 1,000 point milestone, and other personal accolades that already have and will continue to come her way, Perdew makes it clear that it’s the success of the team that is her primary goal, and those team goals are big ones, the biggest in fact.

“The big goal that we have been trying to accomplish for a couple years is to win a state championship. I just want to make sure that I do anything possible, whether it’s getting boards, getting steals, passing, scoring, anything it takes to win a state championship. We definitely have worked hard as a team, as have our coaches,” Perdew stated.

In that game against Trinity Christian, the Lady Falcons led 19-18 at the end of the first period and 28-25 at intermission.  After three periods of play, Frankfort elevated their lead to 14-points, 47-33. By the game’s conclusion, the final tally was 68-53 in favor of Frankfort.

Perdew led the way for Frankfort in the victory, scoring exactly the 28 points she needed to hit the 1,000 mark.  Also scoring in double figures for Frankfort was Halley Smith with 16 points, and Larae Grove with 14 points. Smith hit four three-pointers and Grove two in the contest.  In addition, Izzy Layton tallied five points, Emily Smith three points, and Michelle Phillips two points.  

In the loss, Trinity Christian was led in double figures by Ruby Smith McCrobie with 22 points, followed by Olivia Austin with 15 points, and Jenna Barnett with 11 points.

Frankfort (13-2) has one final regular season game remaining against Wheeling Central on Saturday.