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Frankfort’s Jansen Moreland to continue football career at Frostburg State

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Pictured with his parents, Lisa and Corey Moreland, Frankfort's Jansen Moreland will continue his football career at Frostburg State University.

By Chapin Jewell

Tribune Correspondent

SHORT GAP - Jansen Moreland’s football playing days have been a success from day one. Beginning in the pee wee ranks with the Frankfort Colts, then on to the youth league Ridgeley Rams, and ultimately in high school with the Frankfort Falcons, Moreland has stood out as a leader both on and off the field.

His Colts-Rams-Falcons succession plan was pre-ordained according to geography, the decision as to where to continue his football and academic careers, however, was a matter of choice.  After careful deliberation, the talented Frankfort linebacker and running back has decided to stay local, though it will involve crossing the Potomac River and up Interstate 68 to Frostburg State University?

“I’ve always really wanted to go to Frostburg since I was younger because both of my parents attended there. Plus,  Frostburg is now a Division 2 school which changes a lot because they were able to give me a scholarship and they have expanded their program from what it was to make it even better,” Moreland detailed.

“Plus, it is very close to home which was a game changer. I have always heard amazing things about their program. After my visit I was very impressed with their coaching staff and their whole program in general,” Moreland stated. “Their coaching staff is like family to the players and to each other which can turn a good team into a great team.”

In the classroom, Moreland will study physical therapy, adding to his excitement is the fact the medical sciences are getting a brand new building there in the fall of 2022.

On the field, Moreland is slated to play defense as a defensive end. While excelling as a running back, Jansen has done the bulk of his damage on the defensive side of the ball.

“This is a bit of a change for me from middle linebacker but defensive end has always been a position I’ve loved,” Jansen explained.

A hard worker, Moreland understands what it will take to advance his game to the next level, doubling down on the hard work and dedication.

According to Moreland, “The jump from any high school sport to a college sport is hard to get ready for. The competition is much more advanced than that in high school. But, I’ve become a gym rat getting ready for anything and everything that will get thrown at me on the field. I will have to continue this to be able to compete.”

In addition to his own hard work, Moreland credits his four years of football experience as a Frankfort Falcon as solid preparation for his leap to the Division 2 level. The same applies to the academic side of things, where Moreland feels Frankfort High School has prepared him for the rigors of college academia.

“Frankfort football has always been super competitive, not only in games but during practice. Almost every coach I’ve talked to at FSU has said how competitive they are during practice. This is one major thing that my coaches and teammates have prepared me for college football.” Moreland stated.

“Academically, the staff at Frankfort has pushed me since I first stepped foot into my first class. I have been pushed to work to get great grades in class. This has definitely prepared me for college academics,” Jansen added.

Jansen Moreland’s successful journey from the Frankfort Colts to the Ridgeley Rams to the Frankfort Falcons and now on to Frostburg State University has been a successful one, in large part because of his hard work and dedication.  It’s not a journey he has or will take alone, however. As Jansen points out, he’s had and will continue to have a tremendous network of support to undergird his efforts.

“I’d like to start off with thanking my parents, they have both had a huge impact on my life in the classroom and on the field. They were the ones always making sure I was either working out or doing homework,” Jansen detailed.  “Also, all of my friends have been a huge support to me my whole life. They were the ones in the weight room with me pushing me and making me better on the field during practice.”

“Hope Kiszka and her family has had a huge impact as well by being by my side all of the time and acting as my second family. I would also like to thank all of my coaches that have helped me through my years of playing football, especially Coach Kevin Whiteman.  He’s taught me so many things and helped me become a better person today,” Moreland stated.

Frankfort’s Coach Whiteman is sold on the fact that in Jansen Moreland, Frostburg State is getting a top-notch, versatile player that can contribute from a multitude of positions, all the while being a quality teammate.

“Jansen has worked very hard during his high school career on and off the field to be the best he can be. He has proven himself on the field during his high school career and has been huge in all three phases of the game for us,” Whiteman stated.  

According to Whiteman, “He has led us to the playoffs the last three seasons and has a no quit attitude which has helped him tremendously.  He’s able to play multiple positions which is going to help him at the next level. I’m very proud of him.”

In addition to a quality player, Whiteman insists that more importantly, Frostburg is getting an even better person.

“First and foremost, they are getting a fine young man. He has so many positive qualities for a young man his age.  He’s a very loving, caring, and respectful person who works very hard to be the best he can be   He is an excellent teammate and embraces whatever role he is given. Jansen is very coachable and will do whatever asked of him to help the team,” Whiteman explained.

As Jansen looks to the future and envisions all it will entail, there’s still time to reflect on and enjoy what’s been accomplished to date.

According to Moreland, “My biggest accomplishments are making all state my sophomore, junior, and senior years in football, along with being the leading tackler for my team both sophomore and junior years.  

“My favorite memory from football has to be my last game, against North Marion. Even though none of us knew it was our last game it had to have been the best team game we played all year. We had fun while doing our jobs in the field, and I’m proud to say my last high school football game was a win,” Jansen explained.

Jansen Moreland has been a leader on and off the football field from the time he first strapped on pads at the pee wee level.  His talent, but more particularly hard work and dedication, have positioned him well for the leap to Division 2 football at Frostburg State.

Being as good a person as he is a player, Moreland is easy to root for. Beginning this fall, we’ll only have to go as far as Frostburg to continue to do so.