Keyser soccer places three on All-Region teams

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Alec Stanislawczyk (1) was named first-team all-region.

By Chapin Jewell

Tribune Correspondent

KEYSER - In a recent vote among coaches, three members of the Keyser Golden Tornado boys’ soccer squad were selected to the All-Region team.  

This serves as proper recognition not just for those specific athletes, but to the team as a whole as they performed admirably on the year.

One promising aspect of the selections is that it includes two juniors and one sophomore, all three of which will be back in action for the Black and Gold next season.

Selected first-team all-region was junior Alec Stanislawczyk.  Selected second-team all-region were junior Seth Earnest and junior Edan Parks.

Seth Earnest (12) was named second-team all-region.
Edan Parks (14) was named second-team all-region

Keyser head coach Chris Halbritter speaks to the talents and contributions of all three.

Beginning with first-team all-region Alec Stanislawczyk, Halbritter notes that Stanislawczyk is a person and player every coach would love to have on his team.

“The type of person Alec is, you’re never going to get a harder worker. Any coach would enjoy having Alec on the team, he gives 100 percent all the time and leads by example. He’s not a real vocal guy, but in practice, he works his tail off every single day,” Halbritter stated.

According to Halbritter, “Alec finished the season and playoffs with 14 goals and 10 assists. I think one of the things that landed Alec on the first team is that he scored against each of the other teams in our section.”  

“Seth is our skill guy, he takes all of our free kicks and penalty kicks. He’s awesome with the ball at his foot and he has great speed. This season, I saw a big improvement with him as far as when to keep the ball and give it up, and that’s why Seth led the team in assists with 18, and was able to score 10 goals on top of that this season,” Halbritter explained.

In addition to helping lead the soccer team, Earnest also serves as the kicker for the Golden Tornado football team, handling all kicking duties. Seth has found a way to make that work, and the arrangement works also because of the cooperation of the soccer and football coaching staffs.

According to Halbritter, “First off, I think Seth has gotten better at balancing both. In terms of tending what he needs to with us, when we have a big game coming up, he knows he needs to be there. But also, going with what football needs.  We work really good with the coaches over there, when we’re practicing, Seth will leave and go over there to do kickoffs and other things for 20 minutes or so.”

Also making second-team all-region was sophomore Edan Parks.  Like Earnest, Parks also serves as junior varsity kicker on the football team and a back-up behind Earnest on varsity.  Pulling double duty, however, did not diminish Edan’s ability to shine on the soccer pitch.

“Edan is one of our defenders, again, he’s a very hard worker both in practice and in games. You don’t have to tell Edan to do much, he’s a sophomore, but even as a freshman, you didn’t have to tell him what to do on the field or off the field.  He’s the first guy to do the jobs that need done cleaning up, getting the goals on, that kind of stuff. He leads by example that way.” Halbritter stated.

According to Halbritter, “He’s a defender, but he did score one goal this year. But, he does a good job of knowing when to get up with the offense too. We played him a little bit in the field, but he’s a very, very reliable defender.  He’s only a sophomore, so it will be exciting to see how he develops.”

The awarding of all-region honors for Stanislawczyk, Earnest and Parks serves to both end the season on a high note, and begin a look already to next season with great promise.

“We only lost one senior, Noah Sprouse, and he was there all four years of my coaching. It will definitely hurt losing him, he’s a great guy and a great player. But, with one guy gone, we have 14/15 guys coming back, one freshman, and hopefully we get some freshman this coming year.” Halbritter stated.

According to Halbritter, “Basically our team is back. We know what we have, we know what we have to get better at. We didn’t have the season we wanted, finishing 3-10, but we lost seven games by one goal. Each one of those was heartbreaking,”

Keyser boys’ soccer has been trending upward with every expectation that the trend will continue.