Keyser, Frankfort make multiple appearances on Four Seasons Top 10 lists

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Both Keyser and Frankfort football teams have earned mention in several Top 10 lists on the Four Seasons website.

By Chapin Jewell

Tribune Correspondent

In Friday’s edition of the News-Tribune, we highlighted the fact that the website, created by Bluefield football’s public address announcer Rick Baker, had updated their extensive list of all-time wins for every high school football program in West Virginia.

With assistance from other statisticians like Calhoun County’s Robert Bonar, and the Kanawha Valley’s Rick Fields, Baker has compiled win-loss records for every West Virginia high school football program, past and present, and the information is updated now through the conclusion of the 2020 season. In other words, it is up to date.

But Four Season’s doesn’t end at just win-loss records for programs; it also highlights win-loss records of coaches, and other information to include every score of every game played, total points scored in program history, total points given up in program history, the point differential of games played in program history, etc.

In this article, we take a look at the updated information in five specific categories, analyzed and abstracted from the Four Season’s website. The information is then broken down into a top-10 list for each category. The categories are games played, games won, win percentage, point differential and points scored.

Of particular interest to Mineral County readers is the fact that both Keyser and Frankfort appear two times each in the lists, thus representing Mineral County in four of the five categories listed.

For Keyser, the Golden Tornado appears on the list in the following places: Eighth place in overall wins with 608, and 10th place in overall points scored with 19,944.  

Four Season’s football’s records date all the way back to 1914 for Keyser; there may be some variance in locally tallied statistics, but despite a game here or a game there, we know that the Golden Tornado has been playing football for over 100 years.

For Frankfort, the Falcons appear on the list in the following places: Tenth place for overall win percentage (.657) and ninth place for overall point differential per game (9.39).  

Four Season’s records for Frankfort appear to be totally accurate with no ambiguity as Frankfort’s football playing history dates back only to the creation of the school in 1976.  As such, the Falcons have played a total of 45 years.

The following includes the top 10 list of games played in West Virginia High School Football History: 1. Parkersburg (1,214), 2. Magnolia (1.155), 3.Fairmont Senior (1,113), 4. Linsly (1.084), 5. Grafton (1,083), 6. Morgantown (1,082), 7.Wheeling Central Catholic (1,051), 8. St. Mary’s (1,048), 9. Bluefield (1,045), 10. Martinsburg  (1,041).

There’s no doubt while Parkersburg leads the all-time games played list, as Four Season’s gives credit to the Big Reds for games played as early as 1896, 1897, 1898, and 1899, all the way back in the 19th century and all against neighboring Belpre, Ohio. Magnolia’s earliest game is listed against Sistersville in 1902, and Fairmont Senior scored a 5-0 victory over Parkersburg in their first game a year later in 1903.  Linsly’s first credited game dates all the way back to 1893, and Grafton played its first two games against Fairmont Senior in 1905.

The following includes the top 10 list of games won in West Virginia High School Football History: 1. Parkersburg (828), 2. Bridgeport (702), 3. Bluefield (690), 4. Morgantown (687), 5. Magnolia (670), 6. Fairmont Senior (664), 7. Martinsburg (625), 8. Keyser (608), 9. St. Mary’s (598), 10. Woodrow Wilson (586).

The fact that Parkersburg leads the all-time win list is not a surprise as the Big Reds have played more games than anyone else, and of course, have traditional been successful.  It should also be no surprise to people that despite starting football some 25 years later than Parkersburg (1921), Bridgeport is number two on the list.  Bridgeport has literally not had a losing season since they finished 3-7 in 1967. That’s 53-straight years of winning more games than they’ve lost.

The following includes the top 10 list for win percentage in West Virginia High School Football History: 1. Mingo Central (.745), 2. Capital (.714), 3. Parkersburg (.698), 4. Bridgeport (.695), 5. Charleston (.694), 6. Victory (.672), 7. Bluefield (.671), 8. Robert C. Byrd (.667), 9. East Bank (.658), 10. Frankfort (.657).

What we see in all-time win percentage is that while Mingo Central leads the list at .745, it is very important to note that the Miners have only been playing football since 2011. Therefore, they’ve been successful, but it’s only over a 10-season span. Capital in the number two spot at .714 is impressive. Despite being way younger than most on the list, the Cougars began playing in 1989 and now have 32 years under their belt.

 Frankfort makes the 10th spot on the list, showing that the Falcons have been very successful since their creation in 1976.

The following includes the top 10 list for point differential per game in West Virginia High School Football History: 1. Mingo Central (18.89), 2. Capital (12.11), 3. Bridgeport (11.10), 4. Parkersburg (11.00), 5. James Monroe (10.93), 6. Charleston (10.66), 7. Morgantown (10.00), 8. Bluefield (9.84), 9. Frankfort (9.39), 10. Cabell Midland (9.31).

Again we see that the relative newcomer to the scene Mingo Central leads this list, and despite their lack of a lengthy track record, the Miners have been high successful in just their 10 years spent on the gridiron.  Capital also has been highly effective in their 32 years, and of course Bridgeport has not just won, but won handily according to the records.  

Frankfort makes their appearance in the ninth spot, again showing that Frankfort has not only been successful at winning, but winning relatively easily with a touchdown and a half advantage per game.

The following includes the top 10 list for total points scored in West Virginia High School Football History: 1. Parkersburg (27,408), 2. Morgantown (24,197), 3. Bluefield (23,990), 4. Martinsburg (22,637), 5. Bridgeport (22,609), 6. Magnolia (22,533), 7. Fairmont Senior (21,272), 8. St. Mary’s (21,144), 9. Wayne (20,569), 10. Keyser (19,944).

There are no surprises on this list as the bulk of these programs have existed for over or very close to 100 years.  A quick glance at the list shows that none are strangers to winning over those 100 year or so spans and all have captured multiple state championships.  

Keyser makes the list at number 10 showing that in addition to being a winning program all these years, they’ve thrilled their fans by being able to put points on the board. Ironically, the 2020 version of the Golden Tornado was known for that very thing.

West Virginia has a rich tradition of high school football and that history not only dates as far back as the 19th century, but we also have somewhat accurate records from those early days. While record keeping, especially for the earliest of days, can be spotty, what we have in the Four Season’s website is a gold mine of information.

It’s nice to see that Mineral County, through current schools Keyser and Frankfort, have not just existed on the gridiron, but both have actually thrived.  We see that through their appearance on four of the five top-10 lists compiled in this piece.  

With records of 7-2 and 7-1 respectively this year, neither Keyser or Frankfort show any signs of slowing down any time soon.