Mineral County 'in the green' for school, sports

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Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

By Chapin Jewell

Tribune Correspondent

West Virginia has implemented a color-coded system that dictates whether in-person instruction, sports contests and sports practices are allowed.  It’s a color-coded system in which the color for each individual county can change daily.  

Green is optimal.  Yellow is still good, but not optimal. Orange is no longer good but not the worst-case scenario. Red is the worst-case scenario.

With green and yellow, in-person instruction is permitted, so too are sports practices and actual games and contests.  Orange means in-person instruction is no longer permitted, neither are games or contests, but practices are allowed. Red is a no-go for in-person instruction and any sports activities, including games, contests, and practices.

The West Virginia Department of Education makes an official pronouncement each Saturday at 9 p.m. with each county’s color code for the week. This dictates what can and cannot occur with in-person instruction and sports for the coming week, until updated again the following Saturday. Since colors are actually assigned daily, should a county move into the red then action to suspend in-person and instruction and sports activities are acted on immediately.

The good news is that when the WVDE displayed the map this Saturday at 9 p.m., Mineral County was in the green.  School may not be occurring until Sep. 8 but sports activities are. Golf is already underway, everybody else is already practicing and preparing for scrimmages and games and contests.

The bad new of course is that the color code does change weekly, or can at least. The other bad thing is that for a Mineral County School to play a team outside of Mineral County, that countiy’s color code must be taken into account as well.

As far as football is concerned, both Frankfort and Keyser have scrimmages scheduled for the end of the week.

Frankfort is in Hardy County at Moorefield on Friday. Luckily, Hardy County is currently in yellow, so the scrimmage can happen, but spectators will likely be limited to essential personnel, sanctioned media, and then only the parents of players and spouses of coaches.

Keyser is in Hancock County at Weir on Saturday.  Luckily, Hancock County is currently in green as well, so the scrimmage can happen, but spectators will likely be limited to essential personnel, sanctioned media, and then immediate household members of players and coaches.

We must know that the official word on rules regarding spectators and what is allowed must come directly from the school.

This is how it will be, week in and week out. Check the color code on Saturday night for your county and the county you will be playing contests against. Then you’ll know whether your scheduled contest can take place, and subsequently, who will be able to attend.