Potomac Valley Hospital honors Ravenscroft as Employee of Year

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KEYSER - Potomac Valley Hospital celebrated National Hospital Week in May, taking the time to thank the loyal, committed healthcare employees who work hard every day treat every patient like family.

Throughout the course of a week, employees were given various opportunities to be celebrated; from thoughtful gifts, special treats, and anniversary celebrations. Also during this time, hospital administration takes the time to announce a new Employee of the Year and Safety Star.

The Employee of the Year is chosen by the PVH Senior Leadership team, from the nominees for Employee of the Month for the last year. The Employee of the Year is chosen based on their willingness to go above and beyond, while exhibiting the hospital’s core values of excellence, teamwork, quality, stewardship, integrity, and respect.

This year’s Employee of the Year is Lois Ravenscroft, who currently works in the PVH purchasing department. Lois also celebrated her 40-year anniversary with the hospital this year.

“Lois is a vital member of the PVH staff. She works tirelessly to ensure that our hospital has the required items that are needed to run smoothly. During the last few months, Lois has worked day in and day out to acquire the needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect our staff and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said chief operating officer Amy Boothe. She continues, “She is one of our best, and an exemplary leader and role model for the rest of the staff.”

Having such a strong focus on patient safety, PVH also recognizes outstanding people who stand out as a “Safety Star.” The Safety Star someone who takes patient and staff safety personally and demonstrates the courage to speak up if there is any potential opportunity for improvement. Chosen by the PVH Senior Leadership team, from a group of staff nominated by their peers, the Safety Star for 2020 is Alanna Kuhn, who currently works in the PVH surgery department.

“Alanna has demonstrated that she is not afraid to stand up for a patient in need,” says VP of Nursing Elaine Geroski. She continues, “I am proud to have her on my team and know she will continue to do great things to help our patients.”

“As we celebrated hospital week and beyond, I extend my sincere appreciation for not only these two outstanding employees, but for our entire healthcare team at PVH,” says Mark Boucot, president and CEO of PVH.

“They are an excellent team of people that strives to treat each patient like a member of their own family.”