Letter to the Editor: BLM movement is creating history

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Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

To the Editor:

First off, I just wanted to voice my utmost love and support for the BLM movement! ✊🏾β™₯️ You guys are a shining, glaring example of activism in which I'm an activist myself.

You guys are creating history that will go down in history books in the schools for children in the future. Your peaceful protests will go down as the "good part" of modern history. You guys are standing up for justice which is rightfully deserved and has been earned. You guys are fighting for your skin color, fighting for your constitutional rights, your freedom, your equality, your families, justice, and many other things.

One big question I have as a writer would be the following: "Why does it seem we've turned back the clock on history?"

If you look at it in another sense that I see it as... "Why are we going backward in history instead of forward?"

These questions have been weighing heavily on my mind recently while watching the United States of America fall to pieces, fall to its knees, and watching all the events unfold nationwide. If there's any year worse with greed in history, it's this year, 2020.

Allow me to explain why I feel greed is a huge problem this year unlike any other year I've lived through in my life and why it's a catastrophic problem. We have countless Americans taking advantage of the protests going on across the country by looting stores as well as stealing things from so many stores nationwide.

We have Americans smashing the windows of businesses. We have Americans defacing historical monuments that people may not have ever gotten to see in their lifetime and hold onto the hope of exploring them in the near future or far future.

"How are school trips to historical places going to be the same without these monuments?"

We have Americans burning down buildings and government buildings. We have Americans injuring and killing police officers as well as even government officials. We have Americans burning up homeless people's belongings; a disgusting and appalling act. Lastly, we have Americans turning against Americans and cops abusing their powers given as law enforcement!

The part that strikes me the most out of all of these listed above is the "Americans turning against Americans" portion. We're in such a deep civil unrest in this nation right now that we have groups of Americans rising up against other groups of Americans. We have Americans stealing from each other, pulling guns and weapons on each other, and even killing each other.

"Why is this happening?" That's a question many people may begin pondering to themselves if they haven't already, because I know I have started pondering it.

Well, first off, I just wanted to say that it's in the Bible that people's hearts and blood will turn cold in the "End of Times,” but this isn't the first time in history that the United States has turned on itself. Take the Civil War for a big example of "Americans turning on each other."

"Is it a coincidence that we're gradually and slowly falling back into the pre Civil War days?" "Is it a coincidence that racism and discrimination has gotten worse and worse over the years post Civil War?"

The reason the Civil War happened was for greed because the Union wanted power and the "Abolishing of slavery in the South." Even though slavery no longer exists in the US post Civil War and Abraham Lincoln days, horrid discrimination and racism towards the blacks and African Americans remains a constant societal problem that exists in this nation. Racism and discrimination is in our culture, but we need to change our culture and our societal views/morals for the betterment of the nation and for the elimination of racism and discrimination.

A question arises after talking about the "elimination" of racism and discrimination in this country because it is near impossible to completely eliminate it. It's near impossible to do so because there's many Americans that can't be convinced no matter what that racism and discrimination is flat out wrong which eats at how this country was founded.

Now lets jump back to the negative sides of the civil unrest and protesting ongoing. Rioting, destroying government places, vehicles, burning down homes, buildings, businesses, etc isn't going to solve anything when it comes to racism and discrimination in this country. It's going to make you a criminal and a terrorist in your own country.

It's also exposed the huge greed problem in this country. How is rioting spreading a message to the government and law enforcement? How is hurting the already injured economy due to COVID-19 spreading a message to the government and law enforcement?

You want to know what spreads a clear message to the government and law enforcement Americans? Standing up with a picket sign, making your voice be heard, protesting peacefully, talking to the cops that are protecting you instead of creating disturbances with them and cussing them out about your views, opinions, etc. Let the cops speak to you what they think, holding hands in unity, praying for the nation, and so on.

The US Government hasn’t done anything about racism or discrimination because the US Government is corrupt and always has been, so that's nothing new, but this year might just be the year the US Government wakes up and takes action, action that's been needed for countless years for this country.

I'm not going to speak on President Donald Trump because this isn't a political problem...It's a heart, society, morals, and culture problem.

The United States is watched everyday by many other countries in the world and in some cases, other countries look up to us hence why there's several countries joining in on the BLM protests. There's a big problem with the other countries copying us though and that's the fact that other countries are now having violent protests because they've been watching what's been happening in the US and feel it's ok.

This now-international event has been caused by the very irresponsible and unjust Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, who used excessive force on black civilian, George Floyd, murdering him right on the spot while the three other offices watched on. This was a true abuse of power.

What's our view on all of this happening as the younger generation? We're scared, worried, afraid, helpless, depressed, in a state of shock, in a state of unbelieving of what's breaking out across the nation right now.

First it was COVID-19 that hit the younger generation hard because of all the restrictions and closings in place. Now, it's racism and discrimination that's causing the younger generations to see absolute chaos breaking out across the country.

Many people in the younger generations support the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement and many have also vocally supported the ALM (All Lives Matter) movement as well. I am one that supports both movements, but a lot of people take the "All Lives Matter" phrase out of context to what it really stands for. All Lives Matter stands for equality amongst all Americans, no matter the color which isn't present in this country right now. We have to bring equality back into this nation, back into the morals, back into society, back into our culture, and back into our hearts in order to see true change and that applies for the US Government too.

Last, but not least, God bless America. God bless President Trump. God bless the American people of all colors. God bless the United States Government, and lastly, God bless the world! β™₯οΈπŸ™πŸ»πŸŒŽπŸŒπŸŒ

Thank you for reading and please share!

Tyler Metcalf