The Simple Life: The Wonder of It All

Trish Morgan
Special to the News Tribune
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Trish Morgan

In just a few days, Christmas will arrive, just as it always does year after year. No matter how much little boys and girls eagerly await special gifts under the Christmas tree, the days seem to slowly tick away.

For my household, there are the final touches of holiday baking, last minute shopping and wrapping, and children's wishes for baby Yoda, cellphones and tablets, dinosaurs and candy in the stockings. The countdown to Christmas has been both stressful and magical - depending on whose perspective it is at the moment.

All things considered, now that we are mostly ready for Santa Claus, we can breathe a sigh of relief that all of the preparation has been worth it. Truth is, if you had asked me a week ago if that were the case, my answer may have been different.

I had so many things I wanted to do this holiday season, but with the scheduling of my busy life, I did miss some things I had looked forward to attending. There were small town festivals, parades and activities in the area I had put on my calendar, but when the time came - something else always came up.

It was just a little disappointing, I suppose. On the other hand, I am blessed to be able to spend time with my four grandchildren and share their anticipation and excitement of the season. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child makes the biggest difference! Wouldnt you agree?

Children don't pay any attention to the hustle and bustle of Christmas. They are oblivious to the worries and headaches that some folks have at this time of year - worrying about paying bills, putting food on the table, and then trying to put packages under the tree. Children aren't privy to what is involved in their parents putting together the best Christmas possible.

Children - well, they see the magic, the twinkling lights, the thrill of buying little gifts at Santa's Secret Shop, and all of the delicious treats at Nana's. They see all the pretty decorations and they hope for snow days. The wonder of it all - through a child's eye. It makes my heart so happy.

Oh, the joy of a childhood Christmas. I hope when my grandchildren grow up, they remember all of the good things, all of the fun times over the years, all of the magical, beautiful memories we made.

I still remember so many wonderful things about my little girl Christmases - even the time I had the measles and had to miss my first grade Christmas party at school. I remember the trees - from the aluminum ones with the colored wheel, and then the ones with bubble lights and icicles. Cherished and rekindled memories, and I pray my four grands remember theirs - especially Kamden, who is now 16 years old. He was my first grand baby, and we spoiled him in every way. There were many sweet, fabulous Christmases - Thomas the Train, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the Polar Express. Now he's growing up too fast, and it's Honor Society, playing tenor sax in the band, and considering his options for college. What? When did THIS all happen??

May Kamden and all children, far and wide, remember the gifts of love, hope, faith and peace of the Christmas season. Special memories tucked away for us to visit from time to time - may we all have those, too.

God's blessings, one and all.