The Simple Life: One more week!

Trish Morgan
Special to the News Tribune
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Trish Morgan

Oh my. Just one week until Christmas. It seems like yesterday when I was sitting at my sister Jenny's dining room table - enjoying the best turkey dinner of the year!

I am SO late with EVERYTHING this year, and I really can't figure it out. I don't seem any busier this year, but I guess the good fairies are not coming to get the house ready for Christmas. It's time to get things done! After all, there's only one week left!

Believe it or not, my list of things to do is MASSIVE! Just to think of that list sets me into a tailspin, wondering how things are going to get done.

My list is not really much different than my readers, but the unfortunate thing is that I've not gotten much accomplished.  I did decide, at the time of writing this column, that outside decorations were just not going to happen this year. That is a first-time-ever thing - I just had to let that go. I love Christmas lights, and love to drive around at nighttime during the Christmas season - admiring how folks share the spirit of lights and love. It makes me sad to think that Baughman Street White House will not be lit up this year. There's just not time.

Folks - with just seven days left, I have not finished all of my December housecleaning; there is a ton of laundry I am working on, but that doggone pile just never seems to get smaller! Five people in this house surely create loads of laundry! Next, my tree is not even up; I have not even started shopping (although my shopping list is ready!), and once the shopping DOES get finished, then there will be wrapping to do.

First, the bus trip to Koziar's Christmas Village in Bernville, Pennsylvania, was a huge success, and it was a gorgeous way to spend a Sunday. Second, next on my enormous list is coordinating Magical Christmas 2021 that I wrote about in my column last week - and that means shopping and wrapping, collecting donations and wrapped packages, and then delivering. Big job - but I hope that some people in the project will do the delivering.

Another "project" to do is baking dozens and dozens and DOZENS of Christmas cookies for 30 different families! Whoa. Lots of fresh ingredients, listening to Christmas music, rolling and shaping and baking cookies from scratch, and packaging them up for all to enjoy. I'll also be squeezing extra cookies out for my own family as I can. I imagine about 16 hour days times five or six days, and then done, done, done. End results will produce about 20 different varieties of cookies made from time-honored recipes - and I use real butter and cream, as well as fresh fruits and nuts. Baking with tradition is what I do, but come Christmas Eve, my feet will tell the story of a long, hard week.

I suppose it will all come together - just like Santa and all of his elves make it happen, year after year.

I hope each one of you has a wonderful, magical Christmas. Put all your cares and worries aside, and remember the reason we celebrate Dec. 25 - the day we remember the birth of Joseph and Mary's little baby boy Jesus.

Until next week...God's blessings, one and all.