The Simple Life: The Next Chapter

Trish Morgan
Special to the News Tribune
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Trish Morgan

Turning the page to the next chapter. What's going to happen next? Only this book of my life knows.

The last chapters of my life were filled with love, marriage, and baby carriages. There were exciting, new adventures, and there were times I thought nothing would bring me up out of my misery.

I'm about to embark on a brand new road less traveled. Many of us may remember that Robert Frost poem when he spoke of that road. It's not that I ever dreamed of where I'll be walking. When you're 21 with the lion by the tail, you think everything is going to be rosy and perfect. After all, you got married to someone you loved, and you planned on a happy ever after life.

But, no matter how hard you tried, things just did not end up that way. I will soon face the single life after a 45-year-old relationship. Single. Can you imagine being single of your own choosing at age 63?

When I was a child, I knew what divorce meant. I knew it was an awful pain my grandmother lived with every day of her life when she and Granddaddy divorced. All I knew then about that word was that it meant you had a broken heart, and it meant you lived all by yourself and slept all alone every night for the rest of your life. Divorce then meant that on Christmas, for example, you had to visit your grandparents at two separate houses.

What does divorce mean now that I've gone through three-fourths of my life? What does it mean in terms of what God has in mind for me?

While its true that it is a bit scary because of my early perception of divorce, I am eager to be free of the things that have caused me such heartache. New chapters are fresh starts - chances to get it right, chances to learn from those mistakes, chances for new opportunities. Like new chapters in a book, we flip the page with anticipation - hoping to find new characters with new plot twists. We read every word - sentence by sentence - and we live vicariously through all of the ups and downs. We then hope that on the final page the ending is all we expected and more.

Will my next chapter be lonely, busy or fruitful? Will I be able to overcome all of my crazy emotions and find my way, make new friends, and build new relationships? Can I trust that God will forgive my shortcomings and my failures, and encourage my heart to love once again? Will this road less traveled become my way of life and new attitude?

I just know God has good things in store for me. My struggles have not been for naught. Now...turn that page, Trish. Your new chapter awaits.

God's blessings, one and all.