THE SIMPLE LIFE: Driveway Perspective

Trish Morgan
Special to the News Tribune
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Trish Morgan

Last week, I sat in a little loveseat in my bedroom and wrote my column, and this week I decided to sit in my car in the driveway. Sometimes moving to a different space to write gives me a different perspective.

I have my front windows down as I sit here and ponder what to put down into words. My car faces up into my back yard - where I can see the woods that I used to play in as a youngster.

My view includes tall, slender locust trees that over the years populated so quickly and close together before they could grow wider trunks. My little forest of skinny trees holds long-ago secrets of hidden forts built by my brother Ricky and me. My childhood friend Peggy and I had a bike club, and we had our meetings there in the fort - sitting on big rocks among all the tree fairies and small creatures. Those were the days.

Before I forget, I am, however, reminded that when we grew up into teenagers, these same woods became a secret hiding place for Ricky's teenage shenanigans. I'll leave THAT to your imagination!

The floor of my little forest boasts hundreds of daffodils that come to life each early spring, and someone in the family gathers them up for me to enjoy throughout the house. My mom planted these so many years ago, and I thank God each season when they pop open as if to say, "I love you, daughter, dear."

I also see a neatly-stacked pile of river rock that will take its place bordering a new spring garden next year. Yes, this list-maker has already begun making plans for Baughman Street White House flower gardens! Planning is half the fun.

I'm still debating whether to have a vegetable garden next year, though. This summer was so perfect for my peppers and tomatoes, and the crop just flourished! On the downside, however, I had to give so much away, and toward the end of the season, the waste was disappointing. That small garden space would make a lovely spot for some of my favorite happy flowers and whirlygigs.

At the lawn's edge of my small forest is a sad and lonely mimosa tree that was planted at the end of last year's season. I have wanted a mimosa tree for more years than I can count, but I just don't think it's going to grow there. I may have to purchase another and plant it in a more sunny location. Ideas are swirling...can you hear my marbles knocking around amidst the cobwebs of my brain? Believe me, lots of cobwebs, but I seem to have misplaced a few marbles.

For us lovers of all things bright and beautiful, dying flower gardens are not a pretty sight. Many of my flowers are perennials, so I know they'll be back next season. But, the once-loved annuals are withering away, and it seems so unfair to just pull them out of the mulched soil and just bag them up as trash.

The grandchildren have been begging Nana to get the outdoor chairs set up around the campfire in my back yard so we can sit out in the evenings. We haven't done that, so these old bones of mine need to get busy and make that happen. Campfires, weiners, s'mores, hot cocoa, campfire songs - and no cellphones! Just a cracklin' fire, nighttime sounds, ghost stories - sounds fun to me!

In my driveway - which by the way is a big MESS - I see there is much work to be done. Soon, it will be time to put the grandkids' bikes away until spring, and I'd like to get the little bit of clutter cleared away before the first snowfall. My dad's Ford Ranger pick-up truck will be making a move to Frostburg, so that will be a big relief to make space for my vehicle.

I've been planning this for five years, but next season, driveway upgrades will be happening. I won't be grading and paving due to the expense, but something has to be done to make it better in appearance. My lawn man would LOVE it if I would border it with more river rock and then fill in with small gravel! NOT. He already has lots of rock borders to weed around!

I suppose it's time to get out one of my storage bins of Halloween and fall decorations. Ryder, Ava and Aubree - even next-door Ryder, want to help decorate. This Queen of Procrastination best get with the program. Before I know it, here comes Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years...and snow. Yes, I said it. SNOW. Are you ready? It's coming soon to a neighborhood close to you!

So, I'll close this little driveway view of my life so you can get back to YOUR view of YOUR life. I'm sure yours is much more interesting than mine.

Until we talk again, my friends. God's blessings.