THE SIMPLE LIFE: A noisy house is a happy house

Trish Morgan
Special to the News Tribune
One of the many happy garden spaces at Trish's home.
Trish Morgan

Just sitting here in my bedroom on my little loveseat, listening to the hum of my air conditioner - relishing this quiet time before my grandchildren come home from school. Then, the noise begins!

How was your school day? What was your favorite part of school today? Do you have homework? You know, just the usual conversations with four grandchildren. They are all eager to get done talking to Nana, because snacks await upstairs in the kitchen!

Ava, age 6 - "Where are my Cheetos puffs, Nana? Can I have chocolate milk, too?"

Kamden, age 16 - "Where's the food? What's for dinner?"

Ryder, age 5 - "Nana, do we have Oreos and a drink?"

Aubree, age 10 - She just goes straight up to the kitchen for cupcakes.

That's my after school routine. Soon, we settle into homework, and in no time I am reminded of fifth grade math. What can be worse than re-learning multiplication of double and triple digits the Common Core way????!! Ugh. My 10-year-old granddaughter knows that math much more than this old lady!

Math was NEVER my favorite subject. EVER. I loved every other subject BUT math. When I was in ninth and 10th grade back in the Dark Ages, Algebra I and II about did me in. I just could not compute those equations, and today? I'm thankful for Google! Back then, though, we did everything long-hand; no calculators. These kids today have no clue with modern technology at their fingertips.

So, once the after-school noise dies down, snacks over, homework done - now what? More noise, guaranteed. Here comes next-door Ryder, age 6 (we call him that because my grandson's name is Ryder, too). He knocks at the door, and wants to come in to play. So now we have a little army! Snacks come back out for Round 2, and Ava is upset that someone ate the last of her Cheetos. Ummmmm, guilty here.

The TV comes on so we can all watch YouTube videos of elves, Slappy, make-up, how to draw, and whatever else they argue about. Ava likes to hog the remote, and Aubree is tired of Ava's videos and wants to watch one of her shows on Netflix. Ryder wants to watch dinosaurs and Nana? Well, she doesn't get that remote control til 9 p.m.!

I get the kids calmed down, and outside to play in the yard they go! Good. That frees me up to get dinner ready. Tonight, I'm making a big pot of Cheesy Broccoli Potato Soup, and some will like it, some not. But, it sure sounds good to me.

No sooner do I settle in to start cutting up veggies while the radio plays the oldies I love, than here come the kids in to do a little whining and tattle-telling. Nope. Not happening. Out you go. There's plenty to do in our and next-door Ryder's yards.

Oh, the noise. The noise of a busy, busy, crazy household.

On to the soup fixin’s. Oh no, here comes Kamden with my favorite question, like clockwork - "Sup. What time's dinner?"

The sully teenager turns around and lumbers back to his bedroom to await the Nana dinner bell.

Now. Back to peeling potatoes, chopping onions and broccoli and making the soup stock. Peace, quiet and some Elvis Presley while I cook. I chide myself that I didn't make homemade rolls today. They would have been perfect to go with this soup. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

I finally get the soup on without any more interruptions, and all is well. Noise-free. However, that never lasts around here, so I take advantage whenever I can. Just one more song on the radio by Chicago and I'll head back downstairs to do a little laundry and get some of the girls' clothes hung up.

There is small window of time before they all come back in the house, starving plumb to death, and the noise in this house starts all over again.

And, ya know what? It's as it should be, as it always has been. A home full of love, laughter, children's antics, teenager mood swings, and all of the noise a house can make.

I think I'll stay awhile. After all, this has always been my home.

Until next week, my friends...