Just Sayin': Quit being a crybaby and do the right thing!

Barbara High
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Barbara High

I usually try to keep my columns upbeat and happy, but sometimes I need to vent or rant about something that really baffles me.

This is one of those columns.

There are so many problems in this world - homelessness, hunger, child abuse, and the list goes on and on. So I can’t for the life of me understand how those in my community are still arguing over COVID and vaccines! I mean, I don’t understand the hatred and fights over politics either, but that is a whole other column.

COVID. It’s been here for over a year and it is not going to disappear anytime soon. It will be here for way longer than it needs to be if we don’t wisen up! Come on people, we’re No. 1 in the nation for COVID, more cases per capita than any other state, and that is nothing to be proud of!!

We’re so busy crying that it is against my rights, I don’t want to, you can’t make me, and every other “its so unfair” rhetoric that I have heard from people to even do what we need to do to save our own lives!

We’re not kids … life isn’t fair! Have we not learned that yet? I never saw so many with the mentality of a 2-year-old crying “It’s not fair.” The same people who then complain about the participation trophy generation. I am over here scratching my head like, what the heck? How are you complaining about a behavior while exhibiting the same said behavior?

It’s not fair to cancel a game, it’s not right to ask me to wear a mask, you can’t make me take a vaccine. Yeah yeah I get it, but you do realize that our community members are dying? I personally have lost several people that I know and have loved to this damn virus and I am tired of it! How many have to die before you get it? We have lost 106 Mineral County residents to the virus. Do you need a hundred more, two hundred, a thousand? How many have to die for you to stop crying and do something to help put an end to it?

Do their deaths mean nothing?

I get that you don’t have to take a vaccine, but if you don’t, then wear your mask in stores!!!! Don’t tell me it’s against your rights to have to wear your masks. What are you? Two? I don’t care! You’re no different than anyone else. You have the right to refuse the vaccine, but you have an obligation to those around you to wear a mask in stores if you chose not to take it. Refusing doesn’t mean your’e standing up for your rights, it means you’re a douche bag and I said what I said. It’s a mask; it’s not hurting you and it helps to protect others. Do the right thing and hush up like the rest of us.

I am vaccinated, and I usually still wear my mask. It’s a mild inconvenience that could save a life. I am an adult and will suck it up and do what’s right. I chose the vaccine because I wanted some protection. Thank God that parents lined up for the vaccine when polio was rampant, or half of you all wouldn’t be here today to complain about your rights. Guess those people were tired of burying their kids and the kids around them.

That vaccine came out and people were grateful; they didn’t want to to see those they loved die. They weren’t yelling “It’s not fair, its against my rights.” They were grateful. Polio attacked so many and left them unable to breathe due to the virus paralyzing muscle groups in their chest. These people were unable to breathe on their own and were forced to live in iron lungs that breathed for them.That vaccine eradicated the virus from society! That vaccine saved their lives, and saved society as a whole.

Vaccines have been doing that for years, except now when it’s a plot for the government to track you right? I mean, we don’t want the government to track you while you go about life holding that smartphone in your hand that hears every word you say and knows exactly where you’re at! Good thing you don’t take that vaccine though. Whew, that was close!

To all the tin foil hat wearing people, the government knows where you are and what your’e doing with half of the technology you use daily, The vaccine is just that - a vaccine. Same as the ones used to eradicate many diseases that you’re lucky not to know the names of!

 Polio was eradicated in 1979, small pox, which left 35% of its victims dead and left others scarred and blind, was eradicated in 1980. Measles, mumps, and rubella were all eradicated due to vaccines! The list goes on and on.

Don’t tell me I am a sheep for getting vaccinated; my grandparents were alive to bring my mother into the world because of vaccinations, and my mom was able to bring me into the world because of vaccinations.

No you don’t have to get it; it is a personal choice. If you decide to not get it, wear your masks in stores to at least help slow the spread, because it’s the right thing to do. The mask will not hurt you. You are free to make a choice on whether to get vaccinated or not, but with your decision comes responsibility  to do the right thing to be a decent and caring human being.

If you tell me you are not getting vaccinated and you’re not wearing a mask because you don’t have to… well I can’t tell you in this column what that makes you!

It takes very little compassion to consider those around you with health conditions and put a small piece of cloth on your face while shopping. Very little, minimal effort to show you care. Is that really too much to ask?

Can we all come together and at least try to do what we can to help each other out in this walk of life without complaining and bickering? Can we try and remember those we have lost and do what we can to stop the death toll from rising?

We have children in our communities as well as adults who are fighting cancer, and lot of other diseases … can we protect them the best we can?

Wash your hands, wear your mask, and just be a decent human being, it’s really not a lot to ask.

Just saying….