Just Sayin': There are those who do and those who don't

Barbara High
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Barbara High

Once again I sat with tears in my eyes as I was watching and filming the Convoy for Kids as it came through Keyser this past weekend.

How you could watch such a display for children and not be moved is beyond me.

This year, however, I felt something more than just pride for those involved and compassion and empathy for the children fighting. I felt anger. Yes, anger and annoyance and let me tell you why.

As I was filming this convoy, I noticed that it had stopped a little over five minutes in, and if you know this convoy and those involved, you know that it is always longer than that.

I stopped my filming at the last truck and spoke to my family members who were also watching and cheering the convoy on. My aunt and uncle were present with me; their granddaughter Jada had bravely fought cancer herself and she was the recipient of the convoy funds two years ago. They have always been so grateful for what all those involved had done for their granddaughter.

While talking, we looked up and saw the rest of the convoy coming. Apparently they were separated from the rest of the convoy by a long string of vehicles.

This is unacceptable.

You see,  the first part of the convoy that came through turned into Walmart parking lot and came back out the other side. The cars there saw them and stopped and waited for all of them to pull out together.

Now here comes the second set of the convoy, and they pull in but when they go to come back out, the cars coming wouldn’t stop and let them come out together. The convoy had to sit and wait for traffic to break so they could pull out. The part of the convoy that had already got separated from the rest originally was now broken up into several sections because of cars not letting them out.

The kicker for me was two law enforcement officers sat there in their vehicles and nobody could bother to stop traffic to let them go through. I talked to several in the convoy who said that Maryland had traffic stopped for them, so why wasn’t it done on  this side of the bridge? It was such a short section in West Virginia and I can’t imagine that this could not be accomplished.

Maybe it was poorly planned on our side, I am not sure, but it was not alright for this to have happened.

My second issue was the cars that could not be bothered to wait a few minutes to let this convoy go through; the cars that could not be bothered to give up a few minutes of their lives to let this wonderful display of humanity pass completely together!

This convoy is for the children in our communities who are sick, and fighting for their lives… what could be more important? How could you lack enough decency that you needed to disrupt this remarkable display of love?

This convoy takes a lot of planning and hard work. The Hanlin family has been putting it together and hosting it for years. They take time out of their lives to do this so they can help children and their families who are suffering. Everyone who comes out that day to participate in this convoy also takes time out of their lives to support these kids. They pay for their gas in their vehicles, motorcycles, and big rigs and then they pay to be in this amazing event, all because they care!

Yet here you all are in your cars going about your day running insignificant errands, and in too big of a hurry that you can’t take the time to give 15 minutes to a worthy cause! I bet your’e the same people who pull out during funeral processions, because you have no heart or respect.

Instead of sitting in your cars and pulling out and not letting these trucks go, why don’t you try stopping and getting out of your car and watching? Not just watching, but cheering on these individuals who are out here trying to make a difference in our community; those trying to do something to help the children in our community. Those who are giving up their time to help others.

Don’t pull out and be disrespectful, don’t stop the convoy and separate them! Watch and learn something!

This trucks are representing a lot of kids fighting, and sadly, many who didn’t make it. It’s just not a Convoy for Kids, it is a beacon of hope. It represents  people caring for those who need it the most. It is the absolute best of our society, what humanity is supposed to be.

So the next time you see this convoy roll through, or any motorcycle benefit ride, or any benefit ride period, show some respect. Stop your car and watch or at least don’t interfere.

Because there are two types of people in this world - those who do and those who don’t. Those who take their time to respect, care, and do for others; those that are out here making a difference in their communities. Then there is the ones who don’t … don’t stop, don’t show respect, and don’t care.

So if you’re in your car and you are the latter group that doesn’t help their communities, then at lest stop the car and stay out of the way for the ones who do!

I said what I said, Just sayin’!