Trish Morgan
Special to the News Tribune
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Trish Morgan

This life surely surprises us from time to time, doesn't it? There have been a few recent developments in my life that have caused me to think about things in a whole different light.

You know, we go through life, just trudging along, and then all of a sudden we have to reevaluate the way we do things. For example, as one of my sons tells me - "this is not the 1800s, Mom!" Oh, I know what he means, although I wasn't exactly born in the 1800s. According to him, I should have been.

Why, back in the mid-1800s, there were no cellphones, automobiles, electricity, nor the modern conveniences we take for granted today! If I were a pioneer living on the prairie, I would be cookin' over the fire, makin' my own clothes, bringin' in water from the river, catchin' my own fish, chasin' chickens, married at 16, followed by about six kids, and walkin' three miles to the post office once a week.

Then, I'd hike on over to the country mercantile to get my store-boughten goods, and head to the ice house for my week's supply. Have to hurry home, though, because Pa's gettin' ready to go to work in the fields, the chickens need fed, the cows need milked and the barn needs fresh straw. And before I forget, it's time to get the stew on the fire, the bread raisin' and get the kiddos on their way to school - all before 8 a.m.

I'm not sure my son has any clue, and I certainly can't imagine a pioneer's life. My son tells me I'm old-fashioned and out of touch, and that my old people food and ways are for old people. Well, Andy, I AM old people!

To get to the point and come back to the present, my life has really changed from the way it used to be. I'm in a place where I never planned to be, never really wanted to be, yet here I am. How many of us can say we are where we thought we would be 50 years ago? Did we ever imagine then that we'd be living in a masked society, with technology at our fingertips, and a phone on our wrist and not hanging on a wall with a rotary dial? Did we ever imagine marriage, separation, divorce, children or no children, our parents dying or loving someone ’til death do us part?

Fifty years ago when I was 13, my life was all about Donnie Osmond, boys, my record player, dancing, discovering make-up, riding my bike, being in Cadette Scouts, singing in a choir, going to church, living in a new house with my own bedroom, pajama parties, looking through my telescope at the moon and stars, and talking on the phone. Those were all happy things.

Certainly, I have outgrown some of those things, but there are the memories of how it felt to be young and innocent. I remember my first kiss, and how thrilling it was. I can remember every single boy I liked, and loved, and special things about each one. It's fun to think back from time to time when my life was so much less complicated.

As far as being old-fashioned, I suppose I'll take that as a compliment, Andy. I haven't quite let myself get caught up into the "I gotta have it right now" kind of life, or the "it's all about me and what I want" style of living.

I look around and see so many jobs that need filled, and businesses that have to decrease their operational hours because employees won't come to work. On the other hand, I know many folks who are applying for jobs every single day for months and months, and never get one call. It is very discouraging for people who want and need to take care of their families.

My way of thinking is to believe in hope, friendship, and love. I have to believe that when all else seems to drift away, there is always hope that someone sees the light inside each of us, and draws inspiration from that light. We can have so little, yet offer a crumb of kindness and love to the most down-trodden and hopeless. I take that as my mission in life - to look inside myself, and make an effort to show others that there is a glimmer of hope in all things. We all are walking each other home.

If that is old-fashioned, simple thinking, then the shoes fit.

Until next week, my friends. God's blessings.