LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Catwalk? More like a space walk!

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
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To the Editor:

Has the Mineral County Commission gone nuts or have they joined Star Trek?

A “catwalk.” More like a space walk! What is the cost of this fantasy and where is the money coming from? It will still be TAX PAYERS’ money no matter where it comes from.

This so called “renovation” of the Mineral County Courthouse needs the permission of the people. Maybe it should be on the ballot during the next county election.

Where did the commission get Tom Pritts, the architect?Is he part of the old Star Trek crew?

Who came up with all these nutty ideas? Commissioner Roger Leatherman is quoted in the News Tribune saying, “It’s time now to take steps.” Steps, yes, not giant leaps. A “catwalk,” more like a bridge too far, elevators, stair tower, no front door! Yes, the courthouse needs expansion/renovation, but please bring it back to earth.

I believe, and hope, a lot of Mineral County voters would approve “some” renovation. But let’s keep the ideas and cost down to earth. Maybe something like wings on the sides and/or something on the rear. Keep the front as is and as the main entrance.

Here is a crazy idea. How about building a large multi-story extension on the rear, with a second entrance, and an elevator with passageways to other areas of the building. Then move the courtroom into the new area and use the old courtroom for seating and office space. May have to BUY another street for that one.

Look out, here comes another out-of-this-world idea: Buy/rent/lease the old Keyser High School. Lots of room there to move the courthouse into! Crazy, but lots and lots of room, could well cost less than the renovation. Maybe the present owners would let it go for $1 to get it off their books.

Charles F. Knight