LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Evolution teaches racism

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To The Editor:

My heart goes out to the two disheartened organizers of last year’s March. They certainly seem sincere and well intentioned. After seven decades of life, however, I'm aware that racism is a problem of the heart and mind...and you simply can't change that by marching with a sign. It just won't work.

The ones you most need to reach simply get riled-up, even if your intentions are honorable. But I suspect the organizers realize that now, when one said a solution would probably take 20 years - and that "...education and how you were raised plays a big part in it...".

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So, let's briefly ponder those two aspects to work toward a solution.

First of all, the Bible says the responsibility to teach our children rests primarily with the parents. And, in the early days of America, the Bible was often the only book in the home. Kids were taught to read from it. They were taught the godly principles of living life from it. And when small settlements developed community teaching, very often it was the local church parson who did it. Eventually, however, we transitioned into the government-run public school system we have today...the same government that threw God out of the schools more than half a century ago. The same government that then began to emphasize Evolution, that teaches man evolved from an ape.

But, you understandably say, "I thought we were talking about racism.” And then you could say, “Racism was around long before Charles Darwin published his book in 1859.” That's true. But racism has exploded around the globe since Darwin's book, and with awful consequences.

One terrible story (that I shudder to tell) involves a young pygmy man from the Congo named Ota Benga. He was a husband and the father of two children. But he was captured and sold at a slave market. He was brought to America in the early 1900s and put on display....for the sole purpose of “demonstrating” the theory of human evolution. You see, Ota was declared a transitional example of the “ape to man” teaching. Supposedly he was “evolved” to somewhere between an ape and fully human. He was first put on display in Saint Louis, and his “owner” received an award for the best anthropology display. Later, he was put in the "Monkey Cage" at the Bronx Zoo in New York. Eventually Ota was released...but later committed suicide. 

So, let's make no mistake about this - the teaching of evolution fosters racism. And after all these years, you'll never get it out of the public schools. But...we can teach kids the truth in the homes and the churches. The Bible says we are all of "one blood,” and all came from the first man Adam. And be aware all of mankind has the same natural pigment (melanin) that gives each of us our individual skin color - some just have more than others.

                        The idea of evolution from ape to man is not true. And God made it clear we are to "love your neighbor as yourself.” We're also told if you hate someone, "the love of the Father is not in you.” So, we need to teach our kids at home & church that all men are truly created equal. And that they (and we) violate what God calls "the second greatest commandment" if we fail to love our neighbor as ourselves. Racism and bullying all go away from the next generation if we teach our kids about these biblical principles.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Klavuhn

Short Gap