LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If someone wants to help you, let them!

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
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To the Editor:

When people want to invest in your life...Let them! 

This was a lesson I had to learn. It’s hard for me to ask anyone for anything. Maybe that’s an area of my pride that I need to work on. But I try not to burden people. I’m normally the one wanting to help others. 

But I’ve had to learn to put my pride aside because I was standing in the way of others being blessed. God has brought some incredible people in my life to support me in the things I do for others.

Through The Aubrey Stewart Project, we’ve have a scholarship for a male and female for 10 years now.  We’ve have a Jr. Ambassador Award for eighth graders for eight years. We had a program for little boys and little girls without dads in their lives.  We honor and recognize people in the community making amazing contributions through The Aubrey Stewart Award for Excellence. 

When people see you doing good for others, they want to be a part of it.  I have many special men in my life, but this man taught me a valuable lesson recently. 

He’s a wonderful man. He’s kind, generous and humble.  On many occasions, he’s called me and informed me that he had something to give me.  We would always meet at our same place...The old Pizza Hut parking lot. 

This time was different. In his giving, he would impart a valuable lesson in my life.  As always, he was being his generous self.  This time he wanted to purchase some Tuskegee Airmen coins and give them to me to give to our scholarship winners and other students we recognize. 

Here came the hard part!  He says...What are we looking at here? Do we want to get a role of ten or 20 coins? 

I love him, and it’s hard for me to take anything from him. But this wasn’t about me. This was about him being blessed, and I had to move out of the way for him to receive it. 

I said...Sir, I can purchase the coins, if you give me the information. Here then came the words that would change my pride into accepting from others. This is what this special man said to me...

”TJ, you have to let me do this!  It makes me feel a part of what you’re doing!”  

It nearly brought tears to my eyes. 

This amazing man sees my efforts in trying to do good for others, and he wanted to do anything he could to feel apart of what God was doing in the lives of others.  I told him thank you; and for teaching me a tremendous lesson on receiving. 

So many of us give; but it’s just as important to receive what others invest in our lives. Their giving is connected to a blessing, as they are now the giver to the giver.  If you’re a giver; it’s humbling, but it’s an important lesson to learn. 

Thank you, Sir, and to all the incredible people that God has brought in my life, on my mission to do for others. In the service of God; we must be both givers; and receivers!   

This gentleman is such a humble man, that he agreed to me writing this about him on two conditions. One, that I leave his name out of the writing. And secondly, that I include this statement that I read to him. It’s a beautiful thing to give...But sometimes the giver has to receive too! 

I’m honored to know him!

T.J. Coleman