Trish Morgan
Special to the News Tribune
Flint gets his meal by the dumpster where he's been living for several years.
Trish Morgan

What a week! Cat rescue, rain and hold up of spring landscaping, Amazon shopping, spring cleaning, never-ending laundry, fundraising, writing and a zillion other things that continue to pop up. Sometimes I wonder how I get things done!

First off, there was this beautiful long-haired tuxedo cat who was living in a dumpster at Allegany Aggregrate in Flintstone, Maryland. Bobbie Jo Guinn works in the office there, and for three years she had been taking care of this cat. She fed him each morning upon arrival and then again before leaving to go home. Flint, as we named him at his eventual rescue, fended for himself on weekends and during her vacations It was those days that Bobbie Jo struggled, as she knew it was up to Flint to find food and water on his own.

Bobbie Jo tried many times to find a home for him. Through the years, she reached out to friends, family and local rescue for assistance, but none were able to accommodate. She contacted me back in February - in the midst of a cold, blustery winter - and somehow I let that message come and go. I feel just awful about that. I truly do.

Then, at the beginning of the week, Bobbie Jo contacted me again.It was then I saw how I neglected her February message. I decided not to ignore it this time. I just could not let this magnificent cat spend another day in that dumpster.

While it's true we humans cannot save all of the lost and homeless cats in the world, we can make a little difference - one cat at a time. We must all do our part, and spay and neuter our kitties. It's the easiest way to help control the overpopulation of strays and feral cats.

So, Whiskers, Inc. - a local nonprofit 501c3 organization registered with the IRS - decided to rescue Flint. Simple as that. We went to Flintstone, where Bobbie Jo easily got him into a carrier, and brought him to my home until he could be seen by a veterinarian. We were able to get a 3 p.m. appointment that same afternoon at Mountainview Veterinarian Services in Keyser.

They would be checking for gender, and Flint would  be getting scanned for microchip to see if he once had an owner, shaved, SNAP test, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment. His neuter/spay would be at later appointment. No more dumpster livin', pretty boy. I'm sure someone will love you soon, and give you a purrfect home.

The first news - It's a boy!

Flint was scanned for a microchip - none found. There was no proof that any human other than Bobbie Jo had ever loved him. This was sad indeed. The vet found that Flint had an injured back right paw, so he received an antibiotic injection. Also on the menu at the vet's office were Flint's first round of vaccinations, microchipping (he will be registered through PetLink), SNAP test (negative on all, which was the best news), Revolution treatment for fleas, worms and ear mites, and his birthday set at 4/9/2008. The vet said he needs a little human interaction, and that he wanted and accepted love and affection at the office. Flint weighed 8 lbs, 6 oz, and he was deemed adoptable. At his rescue, this was still uncertain, and even made more uncertain when he went wild in my bathroom - terrified for his life!

Flint will go back to Mountainview on May 5 for his neuter and booster vaccinations. After his rescue and vet check, he went home with his new foster papa - Tony Morgan - who assisted at the rescue on Wednesday, and fell in love with this gorgeous fella. Off to Frostburg he goes. No more dumpster-divin', pretty boy. No more cold, rainy days or eight inches of snow to deal with; no more scorching, hot days - with no water in sight. Your life now will be blessed with all of the good things.

Thanks again to Bobbie Jo Guinn for taking care of Flint for the last three years. Each day, Flint had food, water and some lovin'. God bless you for your kind heart

Ya know, we live our lives day in, day out - jum-drum, mundane, monotonous daily activities of life. Then something simple like a cat rescue comes along, and my heart bursts with so much empathy for one single life, one simple significant creature. I can't put it into words or explain why I do what I do. All my life, people around me have said, "It's just a cat.” Yes, I know - just a cat. But, each time a cat's eyes look into mine, I feel alive. The love in my heart just explodes, and my cup runneth over. Cats are some of God's smallest creatures - white, black, calico, grey, ginger, tuxedo, tortoiseshell, fluffy and striped, patches all over. Just beautiful and significant - each and every one.

It's always been that way for me, ever since I was a little girl. Now, I have the privilege of serving on the board of directors of the extraordinary Whiskers, Inc. - doing my part in this life to make the community a better place. Why? Because their lives matter - one meow at a time.

Read all about Whiskers' rescue operations, fundraisers, adoptions, and wonderful, uplifting stories of cats making a difference in our lives. Missy Smith's founding of this organization is a blessing to this area. This I know first-hand. Missy made this her life's mission over a decade ago, and I'm proud to be a small part of what we do. Until next week, God willing, my friends...

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/whiskersincMS/

Website - www.whiskersanimalrescue.org

Tax-deductible donations - https://checkout.square.site/merchant/MLTRECS5BTQ5C/checkout/5VUQ7AGXP3DHLIUQQNB2BP5V

Mailing address - Whiskers, Inc, PO Box 99, Westernport, MD 21562