THE SIMPLE LIFE: Blessings of Spring

Trish Morgan
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Trish Morgan

As I sit here all by myself in a perfectly quiet house, I have the most wonderful view through my picture window. The sky is blue, the trees sway every now and then to the gentle music of the chilly breeze - and it brings such hope for the spring to come.

On the other hand, in the month of March, Mother Nature most likely has a few surprises up her sleeves. Personally, I'd really love to have just one more snow - just enough to blanket the grass and give all of the trees and flowers one last big drink of winter's water.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved winter. Sled riding, snowball fights, making igloos, Dad making snow cream, Dad taking us for rides in his vintage Jeep, creating a well-dressed snowman, hot cocoa on the stove after my sons would come in covered in snow and ice, pulling my baby grandson on a sled all over the fresh-fallen snow. Such very dear memories.

The good news for most everyone is that spring is here, at least on the calendar. This is the season when we get ready to beautify our homes with color. Green grass, pink flowering dogwoods, tulips and daffodils, lilacs, honeysuckle and baskets of the most lovely arrangements of our favorite annuals and perennials.

Spring also brings the good news of Easter as we celebrate the risen Lord and his victory over death. We experience such joy when COVID restrictions are eased up a little, and we can once again praise and worship inside our churches and synagogues. We can once again sing and fellowship. That is such a blessing.

On the street where I live, it makes my heart happen to hear the sounds of the coming season - children laughing and riding their bikes, just like I did when I was a little girl. No sounds of lawnmowers quite yet, but I've heard some neighbors cutting wood, and I've seen neighbors starting to clean the winter debris from their yards. Believe it or not, and I swear it's true - one of my high school classmates was installing his above ground pool just a few days ago!! Now THAT'S hope and happiness, and he has a grandson who's chomping at the bit to get some swimming in this summer!

Lots of things are beginning to change. There's stimulus money coming into the economy; school children are now getting back together in their schools and with their friends; greenhouses and nurseries will soon be bursting with such bountiful plants, trees and flowers. You can bet I'll be out and about once the danger of frost is over, and I'll be getting my wagon loaded with my vegetable plants and favorite flowers. I have the best time choosing!

Unlike my classmate, my pool won't be opened until around May 10 or so, and I have such nice plans for small family get-togethers, lots of swimming, picnics, road trips, a week's vacation, and yard sales, antique shopping and many other things I can cram into my schedule. You only live once, right?

I had my six-month check-up last week, and my lab results came back with the best numbers I have had in 20 years. I have been feeling great these days since I'm not suffering with so much pain! What a difference a hip replacement and some weight loss did for my life. I am almost cane-free now, and that is a glorious milestone. Positive changes.

For the next week, let's just try to have positive attitudes. Find the blessings around us, no matter how small. There are ALWAYS blessings in everything - just look a little harder. Grasp on to them, feel the power of them, and thank God for watching over you - just as he does the smallest of sparrows.

I'll be here next week. Thanks for reading, my friends.