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To the Editor:

Violence is the Transference of fear from one person to another.   

Arguing is the loss of Balance in one person to another. 

Encouragement is the transference of Strength from one person to another. 

Laughter is the transference of Joy from one to another.

Love is the transference of Light from one person to another.

Passion is the transference of Energy to a person, thing or event. 

Humility is the transference of one’s unselfish essence unto another. 

Unity is the transference of Peace from one person, people; nation to another. 

To Uplift is the transference of Power from one person to another. 

Restoration is the transference of healing in a body, mind or society. 

Education is the transference of Intelligence installed from one person to another. 

Hate is the transference of Darkness from one person to another. 

If we look at each of these things, we can find ourselves in most of them. Some good; some bad. We should strive for the good and take time to study the bad and ask ourselves...How can we correct these things!

Sometimes awareness is the very key to understanding. Sometimes the lack of seeing ourselves and the lack of the ability to define our situations leaves us blind and unaware; doomed to repeat our shortcomings.   

Label them; identify them!  Become aware of them before you succumb to them. If we know that fighting is not strength, but weakness leaving us; it tells us how we are beforehand and serves as a stop sign for us to make adjustments. 

If we know that arguing and hollering is a state in which we’ve become unbalanced from our senses of calm, reasoning; of our emotions and control; then wisdom intervenes to reset us. 

If we know that darkness clouds our hearts to venture into hate, the first question we must ask ourselves is why!  Why do we hate?  Most times we don’t even know why.  Oftentimes there’s no good reason. Sometimes it’s just not knowing why. Sometimes it’s due to hurt. The remedy for hurt is forgiveness. Such things can be remedied with a change of mind and decision, which will lead to a change in heart. 

In the situations in our lives; in our interactions with others, there are transferences. Now that we’re aware of this, we can be aware of the deposits we make, leave  and withdraw in others.  The good we strive for.  The others, we now have a stop sign called wisdom to take us on a different path. 

Wisdom is the light which enlightens our paths. Now that we know, we can adjust ourselves towards good.

T.J. Coleman