LETTER TO THE EDITOR: God is the author of all colors

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
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It’s called pigment, or color.  It’s the least of us, it’s the best of us. It’s shades and variations of hues. 

It has nothing to do with character, personality; good or evil. It’s only hue. 

It doesn’t define a person. It defines a look. It tells nothing if a person is kind or generous. It has no such abilities. 

Our pigment may vary in shades, but our layers underneath are all the same...Cosmetic differences!  Very thin layers separate us. Pigment shapes not, nor determines our character. The heart of a man determines that. 

No race of people are all good, nor all evil. Only the blind see in absolutes and not as individuals. 

It’s a man’s heart that makes his actions good or evil. His color neither contributes, nor distracts from such things. 

When a man hates someone for their color, he doesn’t become large or looming; he shortens himself. He shrinks in size and in his heart. His vision is not broad or encompassing; it’s narrow.     

Narrow is the man’s mind who can’t see beyond the color of a man. He limits what he does not know.  He closes what he can not see.  He refuses what God and life has given him to accept.

He believes an infinite, all loving God sees only him and his kind. He believes a God that would send His only son to die for humanity, meant only him and his kind. 

Each day he lives a lie. He seeks neither prayer nor wisdom to be released from his prison. Each day he lives in the void of shallow. 

When a man kneels before God in judgement, his color won’t be weighed; but his heart. His color will not be a factor in the court which determines his eternity.  His heart will determine his fate; whether he spends eternity with God, or eternity absent from Him. 

Such things we all should be awakened to. Such things to which we must adjust our hearts and minds.    

We will not hold the same positions in eternity. Some, today we look upon as lowly, will be lifted up in eternity. Some who are rich in this life, will find themselves impoverished in the next. 

So it will be to the blind without sight, who refuse understanding, truth and enlightenment. Those who live in darkness and hate in this life, will live it in the next one too.

Come to the light!  Don’t let your hearts deceive you. God is not mocked. God Himself is the manufacturer of the pigmentation of a man, and God Himself has declared All His makings good; not some, not few; not select...But All!

Who is man to argue with God and to disagree with His precepts? A man would do wise to see as God sees, love as God loves and accept as God has ordained; not what he has conjured in his own limited perception and comprehension.   

We all would do best to follow the path of the One who determines our eternity. In such places we have no voice; no choice. Such things will be made for us by the treasures or trash from our hearts. 

Look at the rainbow, the bow in the sky which stands as a promise of God. He declares His truth in the sky. He announces it loud and plain! Just as the bow in the sky, God is the creator of the rainbow of pigment in humanity. Who are we to say that anything God created is less than, when He has called it good?

The truth is...Your quarrel is not with a man who differs from you; but with God!  Color is the declaration and the delight of God’s humanity. 

God doesn’t lose arguments. It would be wise of those hung up on the pigment of a man to come into the light of God’s truth...That God Himself is the author of all colors of man, and He loves us all the same!

T.J. Coleman