LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Perry still city councilman

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
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To the Editor:

The Jan. 29, 2021, Daily News Tribune Edition has an article: “Keyser City Council makes Perry vote official,” that I should address.

Many times, I have accused the city council of shady business, putting tax payer money in their pocket. That’s what Mayor Tillman calls a working council. My ethics complaints were initiated “before” I was appointed to the city council. The Ethics Commission has “never” made a statement, “they didn’t feel Perry would be a good fit to work with the council.” The council was aware of my ethics complaints and my paid articles in the Daily News Tribune that tell of the shady dealings. Shady deals are not breaking the law, but deals using tax payer money in a way that benefits them. I have a problem with it.

Generally, when ethics complaints are dismissed it’s because of the evidence submitted. I did have all of my complaints dismissed because I didn’t submit evidence. I know better. I just wanted to bring attention to the city council’s shady dealings.

Filing ethics complaints are not a disqualifying act. The public should appreciate my standing to help the city taxpayers.

I intend to devise a detailed financial plan that would move the city forward in constructing a new ADA compliant City Hall or government building “without” increasing taxes. Let’s hope the city budget hasn’t been damaged by over spending. The completion of the plan will be available to the public for city voter comments.

It’s time the late 1800s or early 1900s department store looking City Hall come to an end. The current City Hall cannot meet the standards as an equal opportunity employer when those in wheelchairs and others with disabilities can’t get through the front door to pay a water bill. The construction cost of a new City Hall outweighs renovating the old building to remove physical barriers. People with disabilities should not have to ask for accommodation to enter into a building to run for and be seated as a city councilman.

Individually, each councilman has a duty to the people of the city, “NOT” their friendship to one another on the council.

    Yet, it’s time to bring the city council motions to rescind my appointment to an end. The Dec. 9, 2020, and Jan. 27, 2021, motions to rescind my appointment are actually null and void. The City Charter, Ordinance, Section 121.08, 12th Edition, Section 35 paragraph 6, Actions That Cannot Be Rescinded or Amended:

“The motions to rescind and to amend something previously adopted are not in order under the following circumstances: (c) When a resignation has been acted upon, or a person has been elected to or expelled from membership or office, and the person was present or has been officially notified of the action.”

On Nov. 18, 2020, I was appointed or elected by the City Council voting process to fill a vacant elective seat on the council. Under W.Va. Code 8-5-8, it is mandated to be sworn in within 20 days of appointment, [unless otherwise provided in the City Charter]. Section 15 of the City Charter mandates the time period within 10 days. Every city official in the past and present has been sworn in within 10 days. Since Nov. 28, 2020, I have remained a city councilman for two months and counting. The city council owes me back pay.

    If Hannas, Junkins, Ryan and Tillman would like to confess to an intentional act that would cause my disqualification, the public must be informed. I am still legitimately Councilman.

Curtis Perry