FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK: News Tribune to offer exclusive content

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Liz Beavers

By Liz Beavers

Tribune Managing Editor

For over 100 years, the staff of your local newsroom here at the News Tribune have been bringing you “all the news that matters the most” to the Potomac Highlands area.

In fact, for many years that was the motto that ran underneath our name on the front page of our paper every day. Only when we turned 100 did we change it to reflect the fact that we’ve been bringing you the local news and serving as an active part of our community for over a century.

Today, after successfully navigating the many changes every newspaper has faced in recent years, and even as we continue to struggle (as you, our readers, do) with an ongoing pandemic, we here at the News Tribune continue to work hard to bring you the local news you seek; the local news you can’t get anywhere else.

A lot of the changes which have occurred and continue to occur in the news business have had an indelible affect on the way you consume your news. Most notably, of course, is the increasing speed with which our news is being delivered electronically as opposed to the traditional paper.

And while both digital and print remain reputable sources for news and information concerning your hometown and surrounding area, it cannot be denied that the digital format has become more and more the place to go if you want to read it first or access material that is exclusive to our publication.

Just this week alone, staff writer Barbara High, as she routinely reached out to Keyser Police chief Paul Sabin, wound up having a longer conversation with him and was able to write an exclusive story about how the local law enforcement agency is seeing the number of calls they receive increase as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect people’s lives.

Wednesday night, thanks to managing editor Liz Beavers, you were able to read it first on the News Tribune website that the Keyser City Council had retaken their vote to not appoint Curtis Perry to serve with them.

And Friday, correspondent Chapin Jewell took a step out of his sports-centered comfort zone and shared a story about a Frankfort District student who will be sharing her love and knowledge of horses as she participates in a “Mustang Makeover” competition.

These are just three examples of the types of stories that our writers spend much time and energy on in order to keep our readers informed and interested in the local world around them.

And this is where another change comes in. While advertising has traditionally supported the news business for much of the past 100 years, it is no longer the chief source of our revenue.

Today, it is the subscribers - or consumers, if you will - whose paid subscriptions keep our computers running and our staff members earning a paycheck.

And just like any consumer good - the pizza you ordered, the shoes you purchased or the roof you had replaced on your home - the person performing the job has to be paid or the work cannot continue.

And so, beginning Monday, Feb. 1, you will begin to see some of our premium, exclusive stories - like the three mentioned above - marked as “subscriber only” content.

In order to read them, you will have to be a subscriber to your hometown news service.

In other words, as a subscriber, you will be supporting your local news service and helping ensure that we will be able to continue to bring you the information you need and want.

And you will be receiving a special service - more “news that matters the most” to you and your community.

It’s easy to sign up online, and it’s not expensive. And the additional stories involving the people, places and things that make our area such a unique place will be well worth it!

Liz Beavers is managing editor of the News Tribune, and has been in local journalism for 40 years. She may be reached at lbeavers@newstribune.info.