Derrick Evans: Get out of my house!

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Barbara High

By Barbara High

Tribune Staff Writer

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of West Virginia, and faithfully discharge the duties of Delegate.”  

That’s the oath that Republican Delegate Derrick Evans took when being sworn in as an elected official. It’s also the oath he broke when he live-streamed a video of himself and others storming the U.S. Capitol.

He quickly deleted the video moments later when better judgement set in, but that doesn’t change the poor judgement he showed by storming the Capitol, screaming “There are cops on the inside stopping us now.”

He is then heard yelling “Push!” on the video. Shortly after, he is heard saying, “The door is cracked now!” With that, the elected official rushed the building; the same building where other elected officials were inside actually trying to do their job.

The Capitol was rushed Wednesday while the federal lawmakers were trying to certify the election results. Those elected officials were working to support the Constitution of the United States of America, while Evans, another elected official, tried to stop them, thereby going against the very thing he swore to uphold.  

They were doing their job, while apparently Evans forgot he had one.

Let us look at what happens in this video for a second. So Derrick Evans “The activist,”  as he calls himself on his Facebook page, is poised in front of the doors of the Capitol surrounded by others who had formed an unruly mob. Now let me remind you that the Capitol was closed to the public due to elected officials being inside conducting the official business of certifying the United States election results. The doors were locked, which I’ll say this slowly so Mr. Evans understands it, would tell you that you are NOT allowed in. Does he get that? No, because in my opinion he feels entitled - something we are seeing way too much of in our country these days.

Evans is conversing with another person in the video who is complaining he was pepper sprayed while trying to get in. “They maced the F#@$ out of me,” the person says, and Evans laughs and says, “Yeah they  sure did.” Another sign that you missed there, Derrick: If people are macing you, you probably shouldn’t be trying to go in.

Then Evans himself is heard yelling that he had been maced in his right eye, and complaining that he couldn’t see out of it. This certainly can’t be good, because Evans is already demonstrating that he can’t see right from wrong at this point.

Does he turn around though and leave? No, he yells to the crowd that it is time to go because the other side is already in. Evans is then pushing and screaming “Our House” and “We’re at the door!”

At this point Evans begins joining the crowd in screaming “Trump, Trump, Trump.” All while laughing and turning the camera to show his face proudly smiling.

 I don’t know, maybe he thinks he is cute or something.

Evans continues to tell the crowd to move forward and asks if the cops are still blocking the way. He then goes through the door yelling, “We’re in, keep it moving baby, stay on your feet! Are they still fighting the cops back?”  

Yes, a man who was endorsed by the West Virginia State Police is talking about fighting officers. Of course, the State Police said they didn’t know at the time of their endorsement that he would behave like this. Apparently they also didn’t know at the time of their endorsement that he had an active restraining order against him for stalking, but he did.

According to published reports by West Virginia Public Broadcasting, Evans had been found by a Kanawha County magistrate last year to have engaged in stalking and made repeated credible threats of bodily injury to a woman who worked at the Women’s Health Center in Charleston.

The order expired just seven days before this most recent poor choice in actions. The order had actually been extended, by the way, because Evans violated it within nine days of being served, according to WVPB.

It seems West Virginia has a “bad boy” -  representing the party that stands for “Law and Order.” Evans seems to have a hard time understanding the words “Law and Order,” however.

But shall we continue talking about the Capitol incident? Shortly after entering, Evans addresses one of the Capitol police officers and says “Bless you, we still respect you.” He also states to the officer,  “Don’t want anyone hurt” before continuing to make his way through the House.

You know, “Our House.”

Now shall we remind Evans that someone was actually hurt? She was shot, and she died. See Mr. Evans, when you try and overrun a closed, locked, government building after you push your way through barricades and overrun officers, that is what happens. People get hurt! People die!

Yet he was telling the officer “Bless You.” He said not to break anything!

So if I come to the home of Derrick Evans and push my way through the door and once inside tell him “Bless you and I don’t want anyone hurt,” and I make my way through his house, sit on his couch and kick my feet up on his coffee table and go take a nap in his bed, it’s okay? I mean, as long as I don’t break anything, and I’ll remake the bed! He would be cool with that, right?

Bet he would call the police pretty quick! But hey it’s okay, the Capitol is OUR house and he is a patriot, right?

He is heard in the video saying “What’s down that way, the exit? We don’t want that,” he says with a laugh. He had a chance to change his mind, to realize his mistake, to leave… but he didn’t. He is a patriot right!? He is yelling “Patriots inside baby!!”

When he yells “What’s down there?” the reply was “the chamber doors and they are trying to break it down!” To this Evans says, “Oh Shoot,” and then continues on laughing proudly.

Let me now say that my idea of patriotism and Evans’ idea are entirely different. You see, earlier that day several people had been disarmed, there were people who had guns and other weapons that had been arrested by the police. Now everyone who broke into the Capitol was not cleared by Capitol police. You see, nobody ever gets in that building without being cleared, and now the officers were being overrun by thousands of people and none had been cleared.

The building was closed and nobody was supposed to be in there; the police didn’t know who had weapons and who didn’t. They were surrounded and outnumbered!

Now for an an English lesson. The definition of “patriot,” defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary: one who loves and supports his or her country.

Now a few more definitions.

“Terrorism:” the systematic use of terror, terrorist; and advocate or practitioner of terrorism.

Finally, “terroristic:” involving or employing violent acts of terror.

Now let me ask you, as the windows were busted out and those officers were faced with an unruly mob and about to be completely overrun, not knowing if they were going to be hurt, do you think they felt terrified? Do you think those who were inside because they were doing their jobs were terrified as they heard the doors being busted in? Do you think the officers who was racing up the stairs being chased by screaming people that may very well have been armed felt terrified? How about those on the chamber floors trying to do their job? Were they terrified as the doors were barricaded and people began to break through, and they were being told to get down as shots were fired… I bet they were truly terrified!

Don’t call yourself a patriot; your actions were deliberate and meant to strike fear and you succeeded. You’re nothing but a homegrown terrorist, a bully, that strikes fear into the hearts of others.

Your Facebook page shows how proud you are to be a bully, to sit outside the women’s clinic and give out personal info on the women there, how you bully those in peaceful protest at the Capitol that you don’t agree with. It shows how you try to assert yourself and your beliefs onto others by talking down and making fun of them. You’re nothing more than a high school bully trying to look big. I for one am not impressed. You called women names that WVPB said were so graphic that it wasn’t fit for print. It is right there on your page, Derrick Evans “The Activist”, sounding like a character in “Game of Thrones.”

Yet you didn’t feel so big when you hurried up and deleted that video, did you? You know that once out there, it is always out there.

You did try and cover it up by putting out this statement: “I want to thank everyone for their prayers. I am on a bus headed back home…I have travelled across the country to film many different events. Today, I had the opportunity to film another event in DC. I want to assure you all that I did not have any negative interactions with law enforcement nor did I participate in any destruction that may have occurred. I was there as an independent member of the media…”

Blah blah blah, blah blah. Delete the video and make this statement and it will be okay … sorry but it doesn’t work like that.

I bet that officer standing alone at the door in that video looking scared as you all busted through would  consider that a negative interaction. What, you think he was happy to see you and that unruly mob that out numbered him thousands to one… you did? Awe bless your little heart!

Well maybe you could save your self with some rebranding, maybe Derrick Evans “The Bully,” no no how about Derrick Evans “The Anarchist,” because the other word I want to use, I can’t. You know, the whole “unfit for publication” thing.

So how about this, Mr. Derrick Evans, as a citizen of this country, and this great state, I’d like to remind you that the West Virginia State Capitol that you like to spend time in, well it is “Our House.”

As a West Virginian, as a woman, as a decent human being, I’d like to say… Derrick Evans get the heck out of my house!

Just saying!!!

Barbara High is an award-winning writer/photographer for the Mineral Daily News Tribune and can be reached at bhigh@newstribune.info.