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Letter to the Editor: Tyranny has spread throughout the land

Staff Writer
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

To the Editor:

2020. The year the government went totally insane.

The COVID situation has escalated into an all-out assault on our rights. We now have the government telling us how to live our lives, all under the guise of protecting us.Tyranny has spread throughout the land.

We are now witnessing an out-of-control government trampling the Constitution to gain more power and control. Government officials and politicians across the nation are forcing unconstitutional laws onto the citizens. The government fear tactics are working as people are scared to go outside. People are now willing to give up their rights, thinking the government will take care of them. Benjamin Franklin warned us of this when he said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” We’re now forced to wear masks that won’t stop any virus. When it comes to our government, the inmates are running the asylum.  

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is now ordering citizens to wear masks in their homes. In addition, anyone entering Pennsylvania is required to be tested at least 72 hours before arrival.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has ordered bars and restaurants to be closed from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Evidently, the virus only attacks during those hours.

California Governor Gavin Newsom was seen attending a party at a restaurant, violating his own mandate.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got her hair cut at a San Francisco salon even though it was prohibited by the city.

The tyranny has also invaded West Virginia. Governor Jim Justice mandated masks in all public indoor places, although the mandate doesn’t apply when you are seated in a restaurant. Apparently, the virus is so intelligent it won’t attack you when you’re seated.

Governor Justice has severely hurt the state of West Virginia. Locking down businesses, shutting down churches, and putting people out of work. The state is in terrible shape not because of COVID, but due to the failed leadership of Governor Justice.

His Wednesday press conference was a total embarrassment, attacking people for opposing his mandates and mocking everyone who disagreed with him. He stated that 95 percent of West Virginians support the mask mandate. That left me wondering, does he get these stats out of thin air? Is it magic? Clearly, he hasn’t talked to the people.

He rambled on how if people do not wear masks the virus will spread like wildfire and we will be doomed. Keep in mind this is the same Jim Justice who was caught not wearing a mask at the Marshall football game. The photo of him without a mask has went viral and he has now angrily lashed out at those who confronted him about it. There was Governor Justice openly violating his own mandate. A sight to behold indeed. One thing is for sure, the politicians are drunk with power.

Finally, that brings me to the children. The COVID restrictions have devastated the learning process. West Virginia State School Superintendent Clayton Burch admitted remote learning is not working. “I’ll remain very constant, remote learning is not good for our children.” He went on to say remote learning is one of the worst things we can do, and it’s doing more harm than the virus. Our elected officials have wreaked havoc on the children, all under the guise of keeping them safe.

We will survive the virus. We cannot survive our out-of-control government. I’ll finish by saying what I have been constantly reminding Governor Justice of. Throw the masks away. End the social distancing. Open the country. Stop the scam.

Kenny Kimble