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Letter to the Editor: New Creek PSD addresses statements made in Keyser City Council meeting

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Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

To the Editor:

The board of directors for New Creek Public Service District is writing this letter in response to the article that appeared in the Keyser News Tribune newspaper recently.

The BOD for New Creek PSD felt it was critical to respond to the inaccurate statements made by Mayor Tillman and Council published throughout the newspaper article.

As many of New Creek PSD customers and City of Keyser customers are unaware, the past administration for the City of Keyser voted and approved for the construction of a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility a few years ago. The construction of this facility came at a great expense to the City of Keyser sanitary sewer customers and the surrounding re-sale customers such as New Creek PSD and McCoole, Maryland.

Funds were obtained for this facility through loans and grants. Part of that process included a cost analysis by the West Virginia Public Service Commission (PSC), which determined the new sewer rates for the customers being served by the City of Keyser. Included in the PSC analysis were the two resale customers for sanitary sewer, New Creek PSD as well as McCoole customers. All this information is available in the City of Keyser’s current sewer tariff, a copy which can be obtained at City Hall in Keyser.

The Oct. 24 news article included statements that the New Creek customers only pay $3.27 per thousand gallons while City of Keyser customers pay $12.16. First, let’s state that these are two different rates. The City of Keyser rate is considered their consumption rate while New Creek’s rate is a resale rate. The PSC includes all cost associated with treatment such as chemicals, electric, manpower, system maintenance, etc. to create the $12.16 rate for the City of Keyser.

A similar method is used for determining the resale rate. In 2019 the PSC performed a separate rate analysis requested by New Creek PSD. Based on the results of the 2019 PSC analysis, the New Creek PSD customers rates were adjusted to $12.81 per thousand gallons. Therefore, New Creek PSD customers individually pay more for their sanitary sewer than the City of Keyser customers.

As for the $3.27 per thousand gallons resale rate that New Creek PSD is billed, this rate was established by the PSC which represents the cost for the City of Keyser to treat New Creek PSD sanitary sewer. The New Creek PSD bares all responsibility for the administrative and system maintenance, including all repairs needed throughout the district.

The City of Keyser is responsible for absolutely nothing on New Creek PSD system and bears no cost to them.

Therefore, New Creek PSD asks what services are being provided by the city beyond the treatment of our sewer that are not already accounted for?

New Creek PSD feels if the City of Keyser wants to raise the resale rate then we should have full access to the city’s equipment, treatment facility and manpower to help maintain our sanitary system. Its plain and simple ‘YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET”!

It is hoped that this information provided in the above response helps shed some light on the differences in a resale rate and rates established for the customers within the city limits.

Thank you,

Board of Directors

New Creek Public Service District