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The Simple Life: Attitude of Thanksgiving

Staff Writer
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

By Trish Morgan

For the News Tribune

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just about two weeks away? Where did 2020 go? Why, yesterday it seems as if it were lazy summer days - splashing my way in the back yard pool with oodles of grandkids - with Alexa playing songs from the 1960s. Wow, summer went by so quickly.

Currently, my brain is in overdrive - with thoughts of family getting together for a traditional turkey dinner at my sister Jenny's. The food is always hot and delicious, and Jenny's desserts exceed expectations. It is always nice when family can get together at a table full of bountiful goodness.

This year, I will venturing out, mask in place, with my dastardly, evil cane - walking with my brand new hip. I no longer suffer from all of the pain that the last several years has given me, and each day my gait becomes stronger and well balanced. By Christmas, I hope to be able to walk with no cane assistance, and that cane will be placed in the back of my new closet. She has served me well for more years than I care to count, but her time of retirement is coming. YES!!!

Last year at Thanksgiving,  I could barely walk - even with my cane. I also suffered with other medical conditions that now have been resolved. But, those treatments and surgical procedures took about six months to complete.

When I go to Jenny's this year, I am almost a new person compared to that former Trish. It will be a very small affair, and we will be following  social distance and masking guidelines.

The difference between then and now for me is amazing, and the gratitude and thankfulness is overwhelming. Yes, medical advancements and technology are impressive, and specialists who know how to treat chronic health problems are incredibly gifted. I thank my lucky stars.

But, it's more than the lucky stars cliche. It's answered prayers, it's like God wanted to teach me some hard lessons; like he wanted to show me how I could help myself get to where I needed to be.

It was a long, hard journey. It all started about ten years ago when my first knee blew out with what they call a ruptured Baker's cyst. It was the first of many things I had to endure - things that one by one led to where I am today.

The difference though is extraordinary. I came through the other side after two knee replacements, grueling physical therapies, de Quervain's tenosynovitis in my right thumb - with a month of occupational therapy and a customized splint, carpal tunnel surgery in my left hand, forced retirement due to degenerative joint and disc disease, other minor things, and then - this hip replacement.

Here I am - ten years later - the bionic woman. Two titanium knees and a titanium hip,  recovered right thumb, resolved minor issues and I am good to go. I feel better than I have felt in ten years - or more. I am continuing on my weight loss journey, having lost 58 pounds just prior to my surgery. T'ain't easy, folks, but I'm truckin' along.

It's about attitude. It's about an attitude of praise and thanksgiving...and sharing positivity and the goodness of God almighty. The new me is ready for new adventures. The new me is invigorated and inspired. The new me has made some promises that must be kept - for there is much to do.

My life is far from over. I'm no Job, but I feel like I have been through many trials and tribulations. It's been hard, yes it has. Most who know me have no idea what I have been through. I keep so much to myself and think I'm Wonder Woman or something. I have discovered so many of my weaknesses, and my challenges have been eye-opening. I've learned some HARD lessons, my friends. God opened my eyes, spoke to my heart, renewed my spirit, made it perfectly clear that he loves me - even the most unworthy part of me.

Here I am - with a renewed body and soul. To life, to life L'Chaim.

Until next week...

Trish Morgan