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The Simple Life: Rollercoaster and Things

Staff Writer
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

By Trish Morgan

For the News Tribune

Whoever knew how hard it can be to be humble? How hard it can be to depend on others for basic care and assistance? How hard it can be to ask for help?

Me. That's who.

We all know life throws in unexpected things...curve balls. We think we have longer to get ready, longer to get healthier, longer to put off things we just don't want to think about right now. After all, we're just TOO BUSY! I earned my "ostrich" title honestly! Ask my sons.

All I ever wanted was to just be able to walk, to move with little or no pain. All I ever wanted was to just do basic to and from, here to there - staying alive and trying to make a little teeny difference in my own little corner of the world. Simple, really.

But, life. Bad lifestyle decisions, laziness, stubbornness - with some genetics thrown in for pizzazz. We all call it different things. "Don't worry, Trish. It's all in God's time." You know. Maybe you've told yourself somewhat the same kind of thing.

So. How am I doing nearly two weeks out from what I hope will be a life-changing surgery? Oh my. Riding a never-ending rollercoaster of emotions - THAT sums it up. Physically, so much better. Heading back to Morgantown on Monday for my two-week post-op checkup. I feel hopeful the orthopedic surgeon will be satisfied with my progress of his work with the robotics team.

As for that rollercoaster? These emotions of mine range from gratitude to pity party status; from thankfulness to being slammed with reminders daily to just ASK for help - it will come. Other dips and highs have included evening crying jags, missing my friends and social interaction, getting accustomed to medication adjustments, feeling so empowered with new energy and vitality, and spending more time in prayer and thanksgiving. The range of things I just never expected.

I'm sure things will settle down over the next couple of weeks...just in time to get busy with holiday decorating, baking, and gifting. This Nana has learned a few things recently - hard-headed lessons - so I will be taking notice of my life-long pattern to over-achieve, over-extend and over-do. I have promised myself to remember and learn from these lessons.

Now. I sit here in my recliner - intentionally changing the TV station from FOX News to an old rerun of “Blue Bloods.” Sometimes - I just HAVE to say no to today. As soon as this episode is over, I'm moving back to yesterday - where Christmas music floats through the air for a couple of hours. Somehow - Karen Carpenter, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, Johnny Mathis, Alison Krauss and the Bee Gees can tap into the music that lingers in my soul always. Bible study tonight, then a reach-out to friends I miss terribly.

Until next week...

Trish Morgan