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Letter to the Editor: We are all instruments

Staff Writer
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

To the Editor:

I always thought I wanted to be a musician. Such beauty is produced from instruments. I’ve always loved the piano, and would have loved to play. I had the desire...But lacked the skills.  

I remember once asking God...God, please bless me with the ability to sing. The response I received from Him still brings tears today even remembering.  

His response to me was this...You already know how to sing my son!  You sing in the lives of others! Nothing could be more beautiful, was my response and my position since then.  

At a recent ceremony for a wonderful woman, I mentioned how the skills I learned in the military had prepared me for what I’m doing in the community, for children and to honor others now. I remember asking some of my friends what they thought of me taking a job as a protocol representative in the Air Force. “Man, that’s a boot lickin job; carrying bags for generals,” they said!  I took the job!  It was where I discovered my purpose. It was where I began my singing lessons from God Himself...It was where I learned to Serve Others!

I had no idea that God would ever bring me back to Keyser.  But here is where He’s placed me to shine His light unto others. This is where I discovered a humble, unselfish man named Mr. Aubrey Stewart, a man who, when I was retiring from the military at the age of 40, he was unselfishly volunteering to fight in the biggest war ever at age 36; even if it meant sacrificing his own life for the freedoms he would never see and give to others coming behind him like me.  

Keyser is where God has surrounded me with such beautiful musical instruments such as Grandma Sue, Chief Golden, Dean, Kathy, Dr.  Denne, Mr. Mason, Mrs. Rogers, Ms. Lisa and so many others that help me produce such exquisite music in the lives of children and others. All children; none subject to color.  All lives; not according to skin tone.  

Now, as I look back, I see that God has had me promoting Peace & Unity for all people through the sacrificial life of Mr. Aubrey Stewart for 14 years, for such a time as this. For now!  

As I look back at the path, it’s always been the path of Inclusion & Color Blindness.  It’s always been for all lives; not some!   It’s always been Unity for All and Encompassing. It’s always been an inclusive world I’ve gotten myself; retired out of bed; disabled and living every moment of my life in horrible pain for.  Going into schools to invest in the lives of children; hurting for days afterwards. Going into the prison to lift up and encourage inmates...Limping out, when I’m just out of their sight so they won’t see me. Going back and limping out again every year if it will inspire them!

Looking back, I can see the path God has placed me on. Being music, being instruments, playing melodies and harmonies for every ear and heart...That All Inclusive path is the Only path God makes for any and All of us!  

Music is for all!  We all are instruments!

T.J. Coleman