The Simple Life: Do-Over

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Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

By Trish Morgan

For the News Tribune

Well. Here I sit, writing past my deadline to the editor. What is it that they say about good intentions? I'm full of those, but my crazy life keeps getting in the way. What to do?

Two days ago, I knew exactly what this column was going to be about. I sat down to write the column and get it finished two days before the deadline - yay me! I planned out my good intention, and blocked out some quiet time to zip out what was going to be a column this week about a person who lives in Westernport who has a really good story to tell.

Looks like that will have to be for next week.  As it turns out, I haven't changed much over the years in terms of meeting deadlines and acting on good intentions. I suppose I'm a little more set in my ways than I care to admit.. Not so perfect, are ya Trish?? I always considered myself a good manager of my time...but I just ain't all that!! I am retired, so my life is my own, but I need to get with the program!

My adult children can't seem to understand how I get things mixed up, how I miss appointments from time to time, or why I am always late. I can't really explain it myself. I keep all of my appointments organized in my digital calendar. I am able to get myself up and dressed and ready in plenty of time to get where I need to be. So why do things fall apart when I least expect it?

Earlier this week, I had the absolute worst day that I have had in years. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I won't deny that I am struggling keeping it all together for everyone else rather than just keeping it together for me. I have spent my entire life catering to the needs of others - especially my children when they were small and growing up, and then now my grandchildren. Frankly, there was and is sometimes little left for me.

Now, I am trying to spend some time on me. It's a brand new adventure, this self-focus and self-awareness. There are health issues that must be addressed and I can no longer put them off because there are a zillion other directions in which I am being pulled. What I mean is - I can and will no longer make excuses to put off inevitable ravages of arthritis, joint replacements, and wild and crazy dieting "adventures." Yes, God, I am finally listening.

So, it looks like my column next week will be about a person in Westernport who years ago was dealt a rough hand - some of her own choosing - a lifestyle that she has literally been able to learn from and rise from the ashes. She found a passion in service to her community while living a life of recovery.

Until next week...

Trish Morgan