The Simple Life: Oct. 19th

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Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

By Trish Morgan

For the News Tribune

How marvelous to be sitting here this morning enjoying what I think must be our Indian Summer. It's a perfect day, really. Frosty mornings, cats in window sills, fireplace taking off the chill. Yes, I'm one of those people determined to NOT turn on these thermostats - aiming for Nov. 1.

Today is a busy day for me. Lots of delicious things to cook and bake. On the itinerary are French vanilla creampuffs and gumdrop cookies, and a simple dinner of cheeseburgers and pasta salad. Then tonight, I'm whipping up some homemade funnel cakes for the grandkids.

October is my favorite month of the year! I seem to find new energy and vitality, and find inspiration from simple daily living. Not that household chores become fun to accomplish, but it seems they are a lot easier to manage.

There is a very important day coming up this month - Oct. 19 - when I see my orthopedist at WVU to discuss options regarding my right hip. This conference has been a long time coming, and it seems fitting that it falls smack in the middle of all of the reasons October is so meaningful.

I have had several visits to this doctor, and my last one in July was not good - AT ALL. I was so emotional, but even worse than when I traveled to Baltimore to see a specialist there. I've been on a difficult four-year journey - the setbacks most all my own doing. It's been quite a learning experience - lessons painful, very painful. Not just physically painful, but lessons that have drastically impacted my life, lessons that have laid collateral damage in their wake.

These lessons that have forced me to self awareness - where my prideful and stubborn self had to come around 360° and acknowledge that I cannot do everything myself. I am not that all powerful! All of my life I have been self-sufficient, and have been able to fail and get back up and try again. But, many times God had to remind me that I am not in charge.

My life was forever changed when I had the privilege of being a caretaker of both of my parents back in 2012-2014. Those lessons - important lessons - giving back to the two who loved me first. Thus began the journey I still travel.

From then to now - lots has changed in my life. I'd like to say many positive changes, but not everything is where it should be. Sometimes I am a slow learner when it comes to changing things about myself. You would think it would be easier to live a simple life! After all, simple is better than complicated, right? So why do we stress, why do we take on too many things at one time, why do we think we have it all under control and then falter when things spin out of control?

There are certain things that have to fall into place on Oct. 19. I have had nearly three months to make it happen. The stress of this journey with this goal in mind has been difficult, to say the least. Now that this date is looming, I am closing in and trying to keep perspective. It's just days away now rather than months, and I must have a successful office consultation. There is no way I want a rerun of July - a rerun of masked tears, frustration and disappointment.

Prayer. That's what has brought me this far. Perseverance and prayer, and a closer relationship with God who understands my shortcomings and weaknesses. He understands more about me than I do. My mother would be proud of how far I have come since she left this world six years ago. I just know she still prays for me.

Now, if I can just do this one thing...this one thing by Oct. 19. It IS within reach, and I am trying my hardest to keep the stress level down in my life so I can meet with this doctor and move forward to the next step.

This partnership between God and me? Yep, best thing ever. Now. Let's do this. WVU - here I come. Ready, set, go! I'm ready to learn another lesson. When I write an update in a couple of weeks, please God, let it be an example of what we can do when we HAVE to do it.

Trish Morgan