The Simple Life: It's been a long time

Staff Writer
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Trish Morgan

By Trish Morgan

For the News Tribune

Well, hello old friends. It seems like a lifetime since I've been able to bring words into newsprint.

In fact, it's been ages since I've written poems or short stories or even magazine articles. Plus, I've been writing my second book now for nearly 18 months, and just haven't been able to fill pages or even create chapters.

No excuse, really. Not laziness, not because I have been super busy. It's just that with the way things have been going in my life, the words just wouldn't come.

To be honest, I have been struggling. I have health issues and car troubles, and some major changes in my life. Things THAT HAVE BEEN HARD. Things that have nearly broken me. Things that COULD have broken me, but faith in God has saved me from letting my life spiral down.

Then, COVID. Everyone has had to deal with that, and some of us have fared better than others. There were days when life pretty much stunk, ya know? Days when I might have chosen to just stay in bed...and almost did.

The good news is that I opted to get up, regardless of pain and immobility, and just get through each day. It was easier said than done, but I did it, each and every day.

I also knew that I never should have stopped writing. I agonized over it, but still could not bring myself to say things out loud - on paper. The book would have to wait, and I first had to let go of the things that were hurting the person I was inside.

Slowly, over the course of months and months, things became more clear. Coming to the realization that many things needed to drastically change was life-altering. Significant. And yes, there will unfortunately be collateral damage.

Oh, believe me when I say this - when things get this difficult, prayer is ALL that works. A personal relationship with God makes all the difference. I've always known it, but at certain times of my life I thought I could do it all myself. Pride. Sinful pride. Guilty. Yes, me. I own it.

So, here I am - making changes every day and choosing to engage or not engage. Choosing my battles, holding my tongue (for those of you who REALLY know me, you KNOW how hard this is), and praying that this unworthy person can wake up tomorrow and make a difference.

With God as my captain, and my chosen friends to walk this journey with me, we walk baby steps. T'ain't easy, but we're doing it. Trying with God's help to make the right choices.

I'll be back here every Friday. Hope to share good stuff, and if I'm lucky, hope to be able to inspire those who may be reading with stories about the simple life.

Been a long time, ya know?