PSC club helps young writers share their work

Barbara High
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
WVU Potomac State College

KEYSER - The Potomac State Collage Creative Writing Class is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

With professor James Morgart overseeing the club, they have some exciting new plans. The club was initially advised by Virginia Stephens, Steve Oberlchner, and Tom Sydow, and Morgart was asked to co-advise.

Morgart said that the number of students has recently grown and they now have a more consistent core. Last year, because of COVID, things were difficult. “We mostly just bounced around ideas,” he said.

The club did have two open mic nights that drew in a couple dozen students. Club president Hannah Decker says that she really enjoyed the open mic nights.

“Our open mic nights have always been enjoyable because I love seeing the talents that people have, and it’s amazing to see others come out of their comfort zones and share their work with others,” she said.

The club meets every other week and share works in progress and the members get and give feedback to one another.

Morgart says, as he has seen with his work with The Indie on Main, “The area does not have a lot of outlets for artistic expression. For students who are drawn to the arts and want to express themselves, this is really useful outlet for them.

“They get to share things they don’t normally get to share, and they get to do so in a safe environment,” he said. “It also allows them to get to know that other student and artists exist.”

Morgart says that this year they have been sharing works in progress and are currently at work on a short story to which each student and advisor is contributing.

“Our goal is to write multiple short stories as a collective and then package it as a book,” he explains.

Decker says that the Creative Writing Club is a group of kind and accepting people: “It’s a healthy environment to write and express yourself without fear of judgment.”

She says she really enjoys getting to share her work and getting to enjoy reading the work of others. “It’s always fun to work on a story together,” she said.

Club vice president Zoe Stergiades says that the club has really helped her come out of her shell and really get a chance to be creative with her writing.

“I enjoy it so much and I can’t wait to see what we work on next,” she said.

Barbara High is an award-winning staff writer/photographer for the Mineral Daily News Tribune and can be reached at