Carpendale mayor: Water, sewer hikes necessary

Ronda Wertman
Special to the News Tribune
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CARPENDALE – Upcoming water and sewer rate hikes are necessary if the Town of Carpendale is to continue operating, according to the mayor and council.

“We’re really very blessed to have survived last year. It took everything we had to make it go, now we need to put it back,” said Carpendale mayor Diane Baker on replenishing the water and sewer funds.

Infiltration in the sewer system has been costly to the town due to snow melt in late winter to heavy summer rains which cost the town thousands of dollars in treatment costs.

As part of the preparations for the upcoming sewer project, commissioner Rev. Ken Hamilton reported that cameras were placed in the lines to highlight areas of infiltration concerns so they can be addressed.

Baker announced that Bobby Lambert is the town’s new water and sewer operator.

In other business, commissioner Virgil O’Neal stated that the town is still hoping to blacktop one street, but is still waiting on an estimate from the paving company.

Concern for properties in need of work was expressed by commissioner Mary Jo Hinton, noting that registered letters have been sent to owners, but they were not picked up.

She urged residents to come to the town office to file a complaint form so that it’s on the record.

“It’s the same people every time,” said Lambert. “They do whatever they want to do.”

“Mow your grass. Have respect for the neighborhood you’re in,” added Hinton.

It was also noted that residents when cutting grass should not throw the clippings into the street. It is illegal and those witnessing this are urged to call the police.

Plans are underway for replacing the shingles at the concession stand and thanks to the Mineral County Commissioners a port-a-pot was placed at the ballfield.

Groups of six to seven kids were reported riding down the middle of the road with four-wheelers and dirt bikes. Residents noted that the kids appear to be 8 or 9 years old, with no license and no insurance.

Baker urged those seeing these incidents to contact the police. “They can only go by the complaint,” she added.

On a final note Carpendale is planning trick or treat from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 30. Donations of candy are being received at the town hall for treat bags that will be handed out that evening.