Are you a true Keyserite? Take this quiz and see where you score!

Liz Beavers
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
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KEYSER - Whether you’ve lived in Keyser all your life, or visited the area and decided it’s where you wanted to settle down, there are some things that you just have to experience in order to be considered a true Keyserite.

We’ve compiled a list here, and we invite you to give yourself one point for every thing you’ve experienced. Then check your results with the scorecard at the end and see how you did!

Have you ever …

 - Donned your best black and gold and cheered for the Golden Tornado at Alumni Field?

 - Fed the New Creek ducks?

 - Watched an outdoor movie with your family at West End Park?

 - Sat on the wall below the Heritage House and watched the cars go by when you were a teen?

 - Braved the cold on the first Friday of December to watch the Christmas parade?

Santa and Mrs. Claus waive to the crowd during the 2019 Christmas parade in downtown Keyser.

 - Attended the Jonah Edward Kelley program at Keyser High School or Church-McKee?

 - Had a coffee or specialty drink from Queen’s Point Coffee?

 - Had to stop on your way down Water Street to let the ducks cross the street?

 - Attended a Highland Arts program at Church-McKee?

 - Had fries and gravy from Stewart’s Restaurant? (1970s)

 - Hiked to the top of Queen’s Point?

 - Acted or been involved in a production with Apple Alley Players?

 - Met or seen John Kruk around town?

 - Built a snowman? Give yourself an extra point if you know why Frosty is special to Keyser!

 - Taken your kids fishing at the city’s dam at the filtration plant?

 - Remembered Birdy’s, or Reese Hackley, Oscar Hannah, Water Street Grocery, or Shepp’s stores? (All closed now)

 - Gotten ice cream at Shivvers (now closed) or The Dairy Barn?

 - Attended a thuse? Give yourself an extra point if you’ve ever had to explain to someone what a “thuse” is.

 - Walked the track around the Keyser Primary/Middle School campus?

 - Had to wait on a train to clear before you could go “across the tracks” to the North End?

 - Bought extra copies of the News Tribune because your kid’s picture was in it?

 - Seen New Creek overflow its banks to flood Water Street?

 - Sat on the front steps of the “old” Keyser High School and waited for the bell to ring?

 - Ridden through town with your parents to look at the Christmas lights?

 - Played kickball on one of the dead end streets in the West End?

 - Sat and chatted with the “morning coffee bunch” at the Royal?

So... How much of a Keyserite are you?

0-3 — Just passing through

4-6 — You’ve heard of “The Friendliest City”

7-11 — You are beginning to get to know you’re hometown

12-15 — You know more than you thought!

16-23 — You’re a true Keyserite

24-28 — You have a key to the city

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