Elk Garden officials get started on new year

Ronda Wertman
Special to the News Tribune
Elk Garden police chief Jimmy Stewart (left) administered the oath of office to the newly elected town council recently. Taking their oaths were: Michael Droppleman, Jody Paugh, Kevin Broadwater, Dave Tichnell and Donald “Louie” Stewart.

ELK GARDEN – Elk Garden officials kicked off their new terms of office recently as they were sworn in by police chief Jimmy Stewart.

Joining mayor Marian Droppleman, clerk Brandi Paugh and councilmen Kevin Broadwater, Michael Droppleman, Jody Paugh, and Dave Tichnell at the helm is newcomer Donald “Louie” Stewart.

Police chief Jimmy Stewart administers the oath of office to Elk Garden mayor Marian Droppleman.

As officials held their first meeting of the new year, Droppleman brought greetings from Sen. Joe Manchin.

“Thank you for your dedication to our state and your willingness to serve,” said Manchin. “You ran to make a difference, and you now have a unique opportunity to make a positive impact for your community, as well as the people of West Virginia.

“It takes unbelievable courage to engage in the political process, especially now, and your commitment to our state is commendable,” Manchin added. “Thank you for your outstanding dedication to our democratic process.”

Police chief Jimmy Stewart administers the oath of office to Elk Garden town clerk Brandi Paugh.

While Elk Garden, like many other municipalities, is waiting funds earmarked in the American Rescue Plan, Manchin offered his assistance for any questions or concerns the town may have.

“We haven’t gotten the $45,000 yet,” said Droppleman, noting that an additional $45,000 is expected next year.