Ridgeley mayor, council ready to go

Ronda Wertman
Special to the News Tribune
Taking office July 1, (l-r) Butch Hawse, Don McFarland, Bobby Lambert, Duke Lantz and Nick Imes were sworn in Tuesday as the Ridgeley Town Council by Department of Natural Resources sergeant Mike Lott.

RIDGELEY – Gearing up for a new administration, the Ridgeley mayor and council took their oath of office June 29 in preparation to hit the ground running July1.

West Virginia Department of Resources Sgt. Mike Lott administered the oath of office to new mayor Bill Shepherd and council members Nick Imes, Duke Lantz, Don McFarland, Butch Hawse and Bobby Lambert.

In the room surrounded by family, friends and several long-time residents, the council took public comments as residents brought up concerns about dogs, from the canines tearing down a fence to a house with 11-12 dogs.

Newly elected Ridgeley mayor Bill Shepherd (left) took his oath of office recently from West Virginia Department of Natural Resources Sergeant Mike Lott.

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Code enforcement is going to contact the property owners in one case, which is a rental property, and a vicious dog ordinance is on the agenda for the first official meeting of the council.

Fireworks were another hot topic as residents were urged to contact the police and inform them where fireworks are being ignited in opposition to the town ordinance, which provides for fireworks until 10 p.m. on July 3 and 5 and till midnight on July 4 only.

“I’ve been hearing fireworks in my neighborhood since June 1,” said Lantz, while Hawse noted that some began in May.

Other issues on the agenda for the next meeting are concerns for the football field and discussion of the new town hall.

The council will meet at 6 p.m. July 13 at Sharing Life Ministries on Second Avenue.