Welcome Matthew Sokol: New journalist working with the Mineral Daily News Tribune

Matthew Sokol
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Matthew Sokol

As they say, there is no time like the present so here we go. My name is Matthew Sokol, and I am a regional planner, coach and reporter for the newspaper.

Hello! I've been following the good work the newspaper produces and — in the background — have been helping produce the print editions of the Tribune in my copy planner role.

It's been wonderful to work with Managing Editor Liz Beavers and her staff. Liz is deeply experienced — and her group does well covering the Keyser area.

My own background includes a number of different newsroom experiences, and so I am finding more ways I can help the Keyser staff as I work remotely.

You will see my name in print more as I find compelling stories to tell.

Also, I will be doing some story coaching behind the scenes in addition to overseeing our print edition.

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I bring some experience to bear in my work with West Virginia newsrooms for USA TODAY Network, having started out in the company as a sports reporter for The Globe covering Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina. 

After a year there, I moved into a copy editing role in Wilmington, North Carolina, working on the Carolinas East Production Desk before moving into a planning role on the Southeast Production Desk.

As a reporter, I love covering breaking news and untold feature stories that people need to know about. Please send me your most interesting story ideas for articles that can really explain life in Mineral County.

In my spare time, I enjoy shooting in a billiards league called the American Poolplayers Association. From time-to-time, I know how to work myself around a golf course shooting about 100. Maybe that is something that will get better in time. Also, I have a really personable cat named Levi who is a proud supporter of the USA TODAY Network. 

I look forward to talking to you.

Here are a few stories that I have covered so far:

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  — Matthew Sokol (he/him) is a journalist with the Mineral Daily News Tribune. Story ideas? I want to hear them. Please email me at msokol@gannett.com. Follow me on Twitter @MatthewSokol95