Local man offers his song to State of Maryland

Special to the News Tribune
I. Lynn Beckman

OAKLAND - As officials in Maryland search for a new, official state song, Garrett County native and noted songwriter Irvin Lynn Beckman has submitted his original composition for consideration.

    Beckman’s song, titled “My Homeland is Maryland,” was written, copyrighted and commercially published in 1997 by Folkstone Music Publishing Company, a BMI affiliate publisher which was founded by Beckman. Since its publication, the song has circled the globe via physical recordings and by downloads and streams by most of the major music retail outlets including Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, CD Baby, Spotify, and Napster among others.

 It was featured in a CD issued in 2017 by the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce, and it is a part of Beckman’s music display in the Garrett County Historical Museum in Oakland.  

The song has been a consistent favorite among Beckman’s repertoire.  It was included in his “Heart, Heaven and Home” CD which was released on the Major Record label in 1997.

    The Maryland State Legislature voted during the 2021 legislative session to abandon the once-official Maryland state song “Maryland My Maryland” because its lyrics were deemed inappropriate.

    Purportedly, the search for a new Maryland anthem to be chosen should include such state themes as its historic attributes, its beauty and natural resources, its diversity, its geography, and its stature.

    Beckman says, “I believe my song represents Maryland in all of its foremost attributes. ‘My Homeland Is Maryland’ speaks of its ocean boundary to the east and its mountain altitude to the west.   It also speaks of the valley lands, the seasons of the year, the wildlife, the Potomac River, the Chesapeake Bay, the ‘homey’ atmosphere of the state, its beauty, its history, its geography along the Mason-Dixon Line, and its stature.  All of that is difficult to include in a three-minute, five-verse song, but my song does that.  Further, it is singable and has a timeless melody, I think,” Beckman concluded.

    When the song was recorded, the musicians in the studio exclaimed, “You have to get that song to your governor!”  Their feeling was that the song had merit as a potential state song even back then, when the abandonment of the official state song was not under consideration.

    For those who wish to download, stream or review the song, a search of the major music websites will reveal it.  The song may also be heard free of charge by going to YouTube and searching for “Lynn Beckman, My Homeland is Maryland.”  It may also be heard on Beckman’s official website at www.lynnbeckman.com.

    In addition to Beckman’s recordings of his songs that total around 200 tracks and a dozen CD albums, he has written songs recorded by other artists including Germany’s Hermann Lammers Meyer, Grand Ole Opry legend Billy Walker, Shenandoah Opry artist Lisa Meadows; and his duets with the legendary Nashville bluegrass artist Ronnie Reno and The Reno Tradition.

Some of his earlier music recorded originally for Houston’s D Record label is preserved in an historic box set released by Germany’s Bear Family, which places his music alongside acclaimed artists such as George Strait and others.