The man behind Keyser's recycling bin: How he got started

Barbara High
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
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KEYSER - Frank Fox is passionate about recycling and even more so about keeping West Virginia beautiful.

Fox, who recently spearheaded the project to get the first recycling bin to Keyser to recycle newspapers and magazines, says he was motivated to do so in order to encourage people to do their part.

Fox says that he has always hated to see litter anywhere, but especially in West Virginia where he feels it’s the most beautiful.

“Why would you litter West Virginia, of all places?” he asks.

Yet litter is what he saw as he was riding his bike recently on Waxler Road near his home.

“I always ride my bike up and down the road,” he says. “I kept seeing litter.”

Fox said he saw one area in particular that was bad with construction material and he couldn’t let it go.

He began a personal clean-up of the area and it took him six months to get it cleaned up.

“People probably thought I was crazy, seeing me out there cleaning that up day after day,” he said.

When he had finished his clean up, he put up a sign asking people to do the right thing and keep it that way.

“I wanted to set an expectation for people to see a clean area and want to keep it that way,” he explains.

 Fox says it is the same as with the idea of recycling - set an expectation for people to do the right thing, and clean up and recycle when you can.

“We should all set the expectation for better and let others know we shouldn’t stand for it to be destroyed,” he said.

“It should be habit.”