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Pictured are Keyser Middle School winners at the recent Virtual Math Field Day Event held on Thursday, April 22. Grade level competitions were held for fifth through 12th graders in the county: Fifth graders Don Starcher and Uriah Swick (tied for first place), Braylen Blowe (second place), River Cameron (third place), sixth grader Kohl Shobe (first place),seventh graders Isaac Jones (third place), and Owen Rotruck (first place).

KEYSER - Due to COVID and the health restrictions, the annual Mineral County Math Field Day was not held in the fall and regional and state competitions are not being held this year.

Although the school system was unable to hold the county competition, a virtual competition was organized thanks to Jessie O'Quinn, mathematics instructor at Potomac State College. Zoom meetings were organized for students in grades 5-12 where they took the exam online. All participants received certificates and winners received ribbons for placing. 

First, second and third place winners were awarded to students in grades 5-9 as follows:

Fifth Grade: First place (tie) Don Starcher and Uriah Swick, both of Keyser Middle School; second place Braylen Blowe, KMS; and third place River Cameron, KMS.

Sixth Grade: First place Kohl Shobe, KMS; second place Bailey Ferguson, Frankfort Middle School; and third place Porter Lott, FMS.

Frankfort ninth graders who earned honors in the Mineral County Virtual Math Field Day included Micah Thomson (first place), Grace Scott (second place), and Ashton Moorehead (third place).

Seventh Grade: First place Owen Rotruck, KMS; second place Paisley Raines, FMS; and third place Isaac Jones, KMS.

Eighth Grade: First place Dean Shupe, FMS; second place Nicole (Angel) Thompson, FMS; and third place Charlie Fairley, FMS.

Ninth Grade: First place Micah Thompson, FHS; second place Grace Scott, FHS; and third place Ashton Moorehead, FHS.

Frankfort High School students who earned honors in the Mineral County Virtual Math Field Day included: Sophia Lord (seventh place tie), Brynne Hartung (sixth place tie), Jillian Griffith (fifth place tie), Peyton Slider (third place), Jonathan Lewis and Tyler Blizzard (first place tie).

The top ten students recognized for the high school contest, which consists of students in grades 10-12, were as follows:

First place (tie) Jonathan Lewis and Tyler Blizzard, both of Frankfort High School; second place Jayden Delaney, Keyser High School; third place Peyton Slider, FHS; fourth place Lonnie Pridemore, KHS; fifth place (tie) Trenton Burns, KHS, and Jillian Griffith, FHS; sixth place (tie) Brynne Hartung, FHS, and Eric Harvey, KHS; and seventh place (tie) Sophia Lord, FHS, and Caden Youngblood, KHS.