Piedmont family loses home; searching for lost pet

Liz Beavers
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mitchell Lupis helps his son William sort through what few belongings they could salvage from their Piedmont home which was gutted by fire shortly after midnight Tuesday morning.
This home located at 7 W. Hampshire St. in Piedmont was gutted by a 12:54 a.m. fire Tuesday, leaving a family of three homeless.
A singed teddy bear lies on what was the Duckworths' couch.

PIEDMONT - Maddy Duckworth and William Lupis were sorting through what was left of their belongings Tuesday morning following a late-night fire that completely gutted the West Hampshire Street home where they lived with Noah Duckworth.

While they worked, though, they kept their eyes on their surroundings, searching for their young cat who went missing during the blaze.

They are hoping someone in the neighborhood will spot “Salem,” an 8-9 month-old black cat, and give them a call.

“We lost one of our cats and a turtle,” Maddie said, noting that the three living at the home, and the rest of their pets, were all able to escape the fire. The missing cat is young, and is probably very scared as it is not used to being outside the home.

The inside of the house at 7 W. Piedmont St. in Piedmont is in shambles following an early-morning blaze.

As they pulled what few of their belongings they could save from the ruins of their home Tuesday, William Lupis’ father Mitchell said the fire started with a faulty furnace.

“It started in the unit itself. The flames blew up through the vents,” he said, noting that although William turned the heat up to dry his clothes on a rack, the fire would have started “even if the clothes had laid there all night.”

The family will be staying with family and friends until they can get back on their feet. Friend Tyler Metcalf has started a Go Fund Me account to help them do just that. The account can be accessed at gofundme.com.

In the meantime, anyone who might have seen their cat is asked to call Maddy at 304-209-2523 or William at 304-209-9161.