Fireworks company would like to put more bang in Keyser's Fourth of July

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
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By Liz Beavers

Tribune Managing Editor

KEYSER - A fireworks company would like to help Keyser put a little more bang into its annual Fourth of July celebration in exchange for a little storage space on city property.

Tim Evans, representing the Starfire Corporation, has asked the Keyser City Council if the company could place a storage container on city property off Waxler Road to help make shipping and distribution easier when they provide fireworks for Keyser and a number of surrounding municipalities.

“We’re looking for a place locally to store a magazine - basically a shipping container,” he said. “This allows us to reduce shipping costs and ease the logistics on our busiest shipping days.”

Evans said the company would be willing to pay $100 a month to lease the space, or contribute the $1,200 annually to the city’s Fourth of July fireworks show.

He noted that since it is the Boyce-Houser Post American Legion that raises money and purchases the city’s annual fireworks, the company’s agreement with the city would not lock the Legion in to dealing with Starfire. Should the Legion choose to go with another supplier, the company would simply revert to the $100-a-month lease agreement with the city.

“All we need is an uninhabited area with 300 feet safety buffer in all directions,” Evans told the council, noting that he feels that space would be available at the city dump.

The company would carry an insurance policy on the container and contents, and the city would bear no liability.

Council member Jim Hannas, however, has some concerns about the choice of property, noting that the city’s gun range, which is used for training by the Keyser City Police, Mineral County Sheriff’s Department and West Virginia State Police, is also located on the property.

The city also takes tree trimmings and brush out there to burn.

“ I would just feel better meeting out there and taking a look since we maintain the dump,” Hannas said, adding that if the targeted location isn’t suitable, the city could perhaps prepare another area on the property for the container.

Hannas and Evans will meet next week to take a look at the site.