School survey: Responders want fall, spring breaks

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
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By Liz Beavers

Tribune Managing Editor

KEYSER — Approximately 700 responses were received to a survey made available online recently in regard to the 2021-2022 school year calendar.

Superintendent of schools Troy Ravenscroft made the survey available on the board of education’s website for anyone wishing to respond with their preferences on such issues as the first day of school, whether they preferred a full week off at Thanksgiving, or if they preferred the semester to end at Christmas break instead of the traditional mid-January.

According to Ravenscroft, 63% of those who responded chose Aug. 16 for the first day of school and 81% preferred the full week off for Thanksgiving.

“Between the ‘yeses’ and the ‘I don’t cares,’ it was 89% for ending the semester at Christmas,” he said.

Fifty-seven percent preferred a full week for spring break at Easter.

Ravenscroft also asked in the survey if the responders preferred two-hour delays or early release on Faculty Senate meeting days, and 79% preferred the early releases.

“We will use this information to build our calendar samples,” Ravenscroft said.

The options — usually three — will then be sent out for a vote by employees, and whichever one is chosen will be presented to the board for approval.